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Welcome To the Free Individual

Welcome to FREEDOM! Your freedom, if you want it, not sometime in the future, not when some program has been put over or some political agenda has succeeded, but freedom NOW, beginning today!


There is a common mistaken idea that whatever one has learned, or believes, is knowledge, but most of what people have learned and believe is not true. What they have is not knowledge, but superstition or credulity. If what one has learned and believes is not the truth, it is not knowledge.

The Nature Of Cause—Notes On Wrong Views

The only valid meaning of, "cause," in the physical sciences is the assertion, "everything has a cause," means, "nothing happens fortuitously or capriciously, without explanation; nothing happens by magic or miracle; nothing, 'appears out of thin air,' or occurs for any inexplicable ineffable reason, nothing exists ex nihilo."

Volition—Cause, Determinism, And Conscious Choice

If everything is determined, if nothing happens without a cause, how can there be conscious choice?

This question is considered by many philosophers to be the most difficult question of philosophy. It is not really that difficult, however. It has been intentionally made difficult by most philosophers as a means of putting over various ideologies, most of which are either mystical (religion and so-called Eastern philosophies), or social/political ideologies.

Reason—And Its Enemies

There are no guarantees in life, but some things are certain. There is no guarantee if you drink water you will not die but it is certain if you don't drink water you will die of thirst. There is no guarantee if you eat you will never be sick but it is certain if you don't eat the right things you will be sick and if you do not eat at all you will starve to death. There is no guarantee that if you use reason correctly you'll never make a mistake or fail but it is certain if you do not reason correctly you will never make a right choice or succeed.


Philosophers have made the meaning of truth so obtuse that almost anything can be put over as, "proof," while anything truly proved is denied as impossible. But the essential meaning of proof is not some mysterious method that requires mental gymnastics to understand. In fact, any reasonably intelligent individual can understand what proof is.

Intuition—And Other Magic Knowledge

Intuition is nothing more than a defiant insistence that what one would like to be true, or hopes is true, or, "feels," is true, is true, but otherwise has no reason whatsoever for supposing it is true.

What I Don't Believe

This article is really not meant for the Free Indidivual, and is only posted here as a record. It is written to solve a problem on a certain philosophy forum where assumptions about my views are so often wrong.

Atoms And Apples—What's Real

If actual perceivable physical entities (like apples) are not truly real, nothing invented to explain their nature (like atoms) can be true either.

Ideology—Hatred Of Reality

Every barbarous and vicious thing human beings do to themselves and to each other, every form of oppression, terrorism, and cruelty, is justified on the basis of some prevailing political, social, cultural, or religious ideology.

Only Individuals—No Others Matter

In the entire history of the world every advance in civilization, every gain in knowledge, and every improvement in the human condition has come solely through the efforts of independent individuals. They and they alone are the creators, innovators, and discoverers of the world. These men are all there is of positive importance in all of history.

Reality—Fundamental Truth

The basic principles of philosophy are the foundation of all other philosophy, just as philosophy is the foundation for all other knowledge. It is philosophy that explains what knowledge is, what is known, and how we know it. The basic principles of philosophy provide the premises on which all other questions of knowledge and reason must be judged. It is because philosophy has failed to provide these principles that all that is call philosophy today is worse than mistaken, it makes all knowledge and reason impossible.

Social Justice—Getting What They Don't Deserve

Social justice is the wrong-headed view of those who despise the real world and believe they can make the world into one they would like by some social/political system that will make everyone behave the way they would like.

Two Big Lies—Justifying Evil

Nobody wants to do the wrong thing. No normal person wants to hurt other people, but that is, nevertheless, what they always do. Why is this true? No doubt, most people want to do what they believe is right and virtuous. It requires something extreme for one to intentionally participate in that which harms others.

Developments—For Your Use And Enjoyment

Not only your life, but the entire world, the universe, is yours, to use and exploit for your own benefit and enjoyment.

Taken In—Gullible Thinking

No one likes to think they've been cheated or scammed. No one wants to believe they are one of P. T. Barnum's, "born every minute," suckers, but it's a pretty safe bet, you have been suckered, and are so thoroughly taken in, you have even become complicit in spreading the scam.

Justice—They Deserve What They Get

As terrible as the things that happen to people every day are, they are not injustices, but the rightful consequences of their own beliefs, and their own choices and actions determined by those beliefs.

Human—What It Means To Be Fully Human
A Freedom Philosophy Article

Since it is one's beliefs that determine what one chooses, if one's beliefs about reality and their own nature are wrong, what they will choose to pursue and live for will be wrong, and their entire life will a pursuit of that which cannot possibly succeed and must ultimately lead to their own unhappiness and self-destruction.

Deceitful Trinity—Religion, Philosophy, and Pseudo-science

All the worst ideas embraced by human beings that have doomed them to perpetual failure and unhappiness have been taught them by three sources of deceit. Those three sources are: Religion, Philosophy, and Pseudo-science.

Comments to J.S. Snelson—Life Is Not A Problem

These are my comments to the Jay Stuart Snelson article, "Lecture #3, The Principle of Prosperity, between January 24, 2017 and May 17, 2018." Snelson's view of life as nothing but problem solving is the anti-romantic view of life as the source of all good and happiness. My comments are all against that pessimistic view of life.

Freedom Fighters—Liberty Liars
A Freedom Umderground Article

Every one of these individuals and organizations talk about freedom, but it is mostly about what freedom is not. The truth is, none of them knows what real freedom is and they would be terrified of it if they were actually free.

The Virtue Of Vice
A Freedom Umderground Article

If you don't know who H.L. Mencken was, and if you are the beneficiary of a modern public school education or the product of any modern University, you probably do not, you are missing an intellectual experience that is, among other things, the cure for the pandemic of paranoia that infects the entire world today.

Sports Circus
A Freedom Umderground Article

This Townhall article by Michael Reagan, "Transgender Madness is Destroying Girls Sports," presents this as some kind of problem. Exactly what that problem is seems a bit confused.

Literature, Books, Authors—Lists

A new addition to the "Book," section of Freedom Strategies. It is included as a reference. It is mostly links to sites listing various reading resources. They are not provided as recommendations but as, "menues," of what is available to feed hungry minds.

Advantages Of Independence—Fortuitous Consequences
A Freedom Umderground Article

Reading the news provided by mainstream media, or most of the, so-called, independent sources as well, is mostly a waste of time for any useful information for the free individual. There is one benefit, however, to reading the news that an individualist can enjoy, which is being reminded of all the suffering the great mass of humanity brings on itself that the free individual finds appalling, but grateful they never have to endure.

American Taliban—CDC Dictatorship
A Freedom Umderground Article

It's not the kind of thing most Americans believed could ever happen in this country. It is the kind of thing that only happens in semi-civilized backwater nations, not modern societies like those in Europe or America.

Some Freedom Fighters—Don't Join

Every single one of those engaged in some enterprise intended to promote liberty or freedom is actually promoting the opposite of individual freedom. To the extent their programs and methods are successful, the result will always be less freedom and more oppression.

Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking

The most important tool the older form of education attempted to provide was the ability to think. The content and results oriented form of education today not only fails to teach students how to think, it actually destroys that ability, denying the very principles required for it.

Pedagogy—Professional Mind Destroyers

It is not possible to over-emphasize the importance of knowledge. It is, for human beings, a necessity of life, just as food and water are for all organisms. Unfortunately, the nature of learning has been appropriated and perverted by academics and professional educators. In today's society, "learning," and, "education," are "contradictions."

Freedom Fighters—Fighting Against Freedom

They call themselves freedom fighters and no doubt sincerely believe what they are doing actually has freedom as their objective. The phrase itself is an oxymoron. Freedom is an objective to be achieved. "Fighting," is never a right way to achieve anything. I know they are thinking, "defense," not, "aggression," but when all one has left is defense, they have already failed to achieve freedom—or never were free. You cannot defend what you do not have.

Sui Generis—If You're Not An Individualist, You're A Racist

Individualism is a very confused concept, partly because the term itself is oxymoronic. An, "-ism," implies being a member of something, like an ideology or religion, which is exactly what an individualist is not. Every individual human being is different, unique, and, "one of a kind." Individualism is the recognition of that fact and a rejection of any kind of collective identification.

Fanning The Flames Of Social Paranoia

This is the age of paranoia. The world is infected with a disease worse than any pandemic, a disease intentionally spread and promoted by the political-academic axis to keep the population of the entire world in perpetual fear of everything. It is a shame that those who claim to be fighting for freedom are now complicit in keeping the world in constant terror.

Genius Idiots—High IQ Societies

All these organizations are exclusive. The criteria for membership in any of these societies is a measure of a common characteristic called, "intelligence," as defined by each society. "Intelligence," according to these societies, is something that can be measured by means of certain tests variously called IQ tests, or intelligence tests. None of these tests actually measure anything that can be called intelligence.

Crosspoints: by Alexandra York—A Review

Crosspoints, called, 'A psychological thriller." by Objectivist psychologist, Michael J. Hurd, is described as, "a story about Choice."— Some people will truly enjoy this book. I am not one of them.

The Illusion Of Importance

The only things that are important, and really matter, are those that directly relate to your life, your goals and purposes, and your success and happiness as an individual human being.

Ayn Rand Reference

Lists all Rand related articles, books, and commentary.

Critique Of "The Quality of a Free Man"

What is wrong with, "free society," view of freedom in Claire Wolfe's article.

Wonderful World

George Bernard Shaw said, "The reformer for whom the world is not good enough finds himself shoulder to shoulder with him that is not good enough for the world."

Liberty: A Nation of Aliens

A free individual's description of what true freedom and independence are. (By Richard Rieben.)

Introducing Freedom Underground

Freedom Underground is a new subsection of the Free Individual dedicated to providing a platform for free independent individuals to express themselves. Your thoughts, ideas, and views are solicited for inclusion in the Free Underground, and will include, your comments, questions, criticisms, essays, monographs, articles, or stories—especially regarding living as a free individual.


To the world of the socially accepted the free independent individual will always be considered an "eccentric." The individualist is always a non-comformist—freedom and individualism require going in the opposite direction of the mass of human society which is rushing headlong into totalitarian uniformity and oppression.

Be A Ragnar Danneskjold

Smuggling is closely related to another law-defying activity called the "black market." In a hypothetical free society neither smuggling or black markets would be possible, because everyone would be free to produce any product or perform any service they chose in the open market, where anyone would be free to buy those products and services.

A Penny Saved Is Not A Penny Earned

You must earn it before you can save it, and you must work to earn it.

Against The Flow

A free individualist is a peculiar being. If you choose to be free, you will be very unusual, and however you choose to secure your freedom and live your life, it will not be a "usual" life. Look around you at all those who continue to live in slavery to the state—that is the usual.

Preserving Wealth—Protecting Against Government Theft (Taxes, Tarrifs, Regualtions)

Stragegies for minizing or eliminating the financial burden of state or government threats to your wealth.

Nothing To Worry About

Work to change what you can change, and learn how to accept what cannot be changed, and strive to know the difference.

Ten Mistakes— 10. You Cannot Save The World

Freedom only pertains to individuals, not societies. Freedom is a necessity of life for human beings because, to live, they must be free to learn, and think and choose how to live. Only individual human beings have the necessity and ability to consciously choose their behavior. A society's, "behavior," is only the sum of the choices and actions of all the individuals that are that society.

Ten Mistakes—9. You Owe Nothing to Society

You are not born with any obligation (or duty) of any kind to any other human being—not to humanity or society, or your country, your community, your neighbors, or your family, or any other individuals. No one else has a claim on your life, or any part of it. Your only "obligation" is to yourself and that obligation is to be the best human being you can be. The only one who suffers if you fail in that obligation is you.

Ten Mistakes—8. You Will Never Be Appreciated

If you are a free individual, what others say about you or to you, or what anyone else thinks about you or how anyone else judges you does not matter because all that matters to you is reality and the truth that describes it. No one else can really know who and what you are, with the possible exception of one who is closest to you. It is only what you know you are that matters.

Ten Mistakes—7. You Make Your Own World

Reality is immutable, absolute, and ruthless. Immutable means the nature of reality cannot be changed or ever be other than what it is. Absolute means reality is complete and unconditional; it is all there is and is not contingent on anything. Ruthless means reality determines what is true and not true, and no human feelings, desires, choices, acts, beliefs, or wishes can change it.

Ten Mistakes—6. Everybody Is Different

What distinguishes human beings from all other life is their volitional nature. Beyond the fact that every individual human being is an animal organism with a mind (which is what makes them human beings and the only way in which they are the, "same,") every individual is different from every other human being.

Ten Mistakes—5. Things Will Not Get Better

Unlike non-living entities, every living organism must act to remain the kind of organisms it is. The life of any organism is not something that happens to the organism, but something it does and must do if it is to remain alive.

Freedom Challenge II

I've made this challenge to the most promonent organizations and individuals promoting the ideas of individual freedom and liberty today because, in spite of their sincere efforts to promote freedom it is not individual freedom they are actually promoting. What they are actually working for may actually be preventing true individual freedom.

Ten-Year-Old Freedom Challenge

Over ten years ago I published, "The Individualist's Challenge." That article questioned the intention and purpose of eighteen of the most prominent and active liberty and freedom organiztions and Internet sites at that time.

Ten Mistakes—4. Reality Is What It Is

Reality is all that is the way it is, whether anyone knows what is or not. If one is to live successfully in this world, it is the world as it actually is, not as one would like it to be, that one must know and base their choices on.

Disorder, Chaos, and Existence
A Freedom Philosophy Article

Ironically, one of the most confusing of concepts is the concept of order. The word itself has more than one meaning or connotation, and those meanings are often confused and include: 1. relational order, 2. functional order, 3. natural order, 4. uniform order, and 5. entropic order. For the sake of explanation, the first three kinds of order (relational, functional, and natural) will be referred to as positive order and the last two kinds of order (uniform and entropic) will be referred to as negative order.

Ten Mistakes—3. Fighting For Your Rights

There is no such thing as rights. No one has a claim on anything in life that they have not produced, earned, or merited by their own effort. The pursuit of rights is an immoral pursuit of the unearned and undeserved, as well as a huge waste of one's resources.

Ten Mistakes—2. The Prophets Among Us

Perhaps the most universal of all hoaxes and scams is, "prophesy," the claim that one is able to foresee or predict the future. From palm readers to pseudo-scientists predicting "global warming," none of these frauds could be put over if one simple inviolable fact of reality were kept in mind, no one can predict the future—EVER!

Ten Mistakes—1. The Secret Of Success

Free independent individualists are neither omnisicient nor infallible, and are as prone to mistakes as any other human beings. The difference is, a free individual is always willing to admit and correct mistakes when they are discovered.

Free Individuals

One impediment to freedom is the belief that true individual freedom is not possible to achieve. It is easy to understand why this is true. Though there are literally millions of individuals living their lives freely and successfully in almost every country of the world, all of academia, politics, and the popular press neither recognizes or acknowledges them and all philosophy, religion, and ideologies deny it is possible.

USA Gone

The Free Individual does not comment on political issues and this is no exception. This comment regards a very mistaken idea related to the latest (2020) presidential election in the USA—the almost panicked belief by those opposed to whoever gets elected that it means the, "end of America," whatever those who use such phrases mean by it.

A Free Individual—Ghost

Freedom is the greatest adventure of a lifetime, and there ain't no going back to the herd.

Dead, or Alive and Free?

Each individual has the power to take liberty and make it a reality in his own life.

A Different Life

"Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. But the creator is the man who disagrees. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to swim with the current. But the creator is the man who goes against the current. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to stand together. But the creator is the man who stands alone."

Freedom Is A Family Affair

There is common false picture of free independent individuals as some kind of loners with little social life and certainly not a family. A free individual, in fact, is more likely than not to have a family, a spouse and children, because they are part of his means of achieving and being fully human and fully enjoying his life.

Harry Browne's Freedom Principles

Eighteen principles that teach you there is a way you can live your life as you want to live it—no matter what others decide to do with their lives.

Cory The Well Driller—An American Individualist

The following letter to the president of The United States speaks for itself. If you want to know what an independent individualist is, "Cory the well driller," is one.

You Can't Fake It

Being what you choose to be must not be confused with being a phony or a fake. Being who you are means doing and being what you deliberately chosse to do and be what your best reason convinces you is right for you. The difference is a matter of motive.

Being Truly Yourself

Being yourself is being what you have made yourself.

Everybody Is Different

There is no one else in this world exactly like you. Every human being is different in almost every way except for their essential human nature as rational volitional beings.

Free Thinking

Free-thinkers are confident, logical and intelligent. They give birth to their own ideas and resist the dominating mantras of the simple-minded. Having a mind that is free and the courage to express it will often mean free-thinkers have only a few close friends (who are equally interesting and intelligent).

Practical Freedom

Practival freedom means identifying what it is you want to do and achieving the conditions in which you are free do it. Freedom means being able to do whatever you choose to do without the interference of any other individuals or human agencies, including government. If you are able to do whatever you choose, you are free.

Freedom Ethics

The totally independent free individual is the only truly moral individual and only a moral individual is ever truly free. The purpose of ethics in philosophy is to discover and identify the fundamental principles of right and wrong in thought and action. The objective of those principles is the success and happiness of the individual as a human being.

Making Money

Money is a tangible representation of one's independence, the symbol of his productivity, as well as a means to freedom itself.


"Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns—or dollars. Take your choice—there is no other—and your time is running out."

No Political Solution

Western culture, especially in The United States is usually associate with "individuality, reason, diversity, and progress" as prized values of that culture. The libertarian question is, if freedom results in a society in which those prized values were lost, is freedom itself a mistake?

Never Explain

You do not need an excuse to live your life. You do not need anyone else's permission, approval, or agreement.

Private Life

While these are meant as means of acquiring wealth, they are also part of remaining invisible to the political system.

Diversions From Freedom

Even if one is truly an independent individualist who cannot live without freedom, it is easy to get diverted from the course of freedom, because there are an infinite number of things in this world all beckoning to us to, "look at this," "buy this," "do this," or, "worry about this," with promises of interest, excitement, importance, pleasure or satisfaction.

Politics, A Joke

Politics never has to be taken seriously. All of politics is an unintended circus. Every politician is a clown promising what he cannot possibly deliver. One cannot blame them for making the promises, it's how they get elected, but how can anyone who understands that not laugh at those who are stupid enough to take them seriously.

Nobody Wants To Know The Truth

I'm not surprised, really. Perhaps I'm a little disappointed, but not in the way I might have been if I had expected or depended on it. Fortunately I've long been immune to any need for anyone else to be anything other than what they are. Still, it would have been nice to find more than the handful of individuals I've come to know who really want to know the truth.

Food For Free Thinking

Knowledge is food for thought. Knowledge is all we have to think about or to think with. Many times, it is just an idea we become conscious of that sets off a chain of thinking that might inspire us, or clarify something that was otherwise in dout, or simply something interesting because it is a different way of seeing the truth.

Who Is We

There is no collective, no social, no political means of implementing individualism. It would be a contradiction in terms. The future is not determined by some, "we," it is determined only by what individuals choose and do.

Postmodernism, A Psychosis

In my article, "Critical Thinking About Critical Thinking," I gave some examples of anti-reason anti-mind ideas that are being foisted on every aspect of culture and society by the cultural Marxists and postmodernists. Some of those ideas are so evil, it is easy to dismiss them as mistakes, or unintentional. I assure you they are quite intentional, and every bit is dangerous as they seem. Here is the postmodernist side of this assault on knowledge and reason, in all it's glory.

Prussian "Public" Schools

The rest is right out of the Prussian model/cultural Marxist handbook. School is one's "first job," because the whole purpose of school is to produce good compliant workers for the state. Such a school teaches children to, "stand in line," like good little soldiers, obedient and subservient and when they are grown they will be used to standing in line for their government hand-outs. It does not matter what the symbol is, a flag, a swastika, a picture of the dictator, unquestioned "respect" is all that is required. Teach the children to "share," and when they are grown they will be ready for socialism and redistribution of wealth. There is no need of property rights when everything is "shared." Teach them to play with people who are different, no matter what the difference is, and they will never have any way to judge the lying, cheating and bullying from the honest, decent and self-sufficient. This is nothing but leftist inclusivist multiculturalism.

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge is an absolute necessity for human success, and is one reason we want to have as much knowledge as possible. Since there is an almost infinite number of things one might learn, what kind of knowledge should one pursue?

The Allure Of Anarchy

I am not an anarchist, I am an individualist, a "free independent individual," because there is no other kind. Because I am an individualist, I have no use for government. No government has anything of value to offer me, and all government is a threat to my life and personal freedom.


One of the things it is very difficult for the unfree, the vast majority of humanity, to believe is that there are literally millions of people in this world who are living their lives as free individuals.

One reason this is generally unknown is because the truly free are largely invisible, but there are signs of their existence everywhere. One of those signs is what is call the, "shadow economy."

Your Freedom Now (Part 3 of 3)

Freedom is not free! The price is risk and insecurity. Actually there is no more risk or insecurity in the life of an independent free individual than in the life of anyone else. The difference is the individualist recognizes the reality of risk, embraces it as an element of adventure, and knows exactly how to deal with it.

Your Freedom Now (Part 2 of 3)

You and I, who want to be free without waiting for the government or society to change, need to know what practical freedom is. How can we free ourselves?

Your Freedom Now (Part 1 of 3)

What the Free Individualist means by freedom is real freedom for real people in the real world, right now.

Most people really do not want freedom. Most people want security. They want guarantees, assurances that nothing will ever go wrong, that they will never be hurt or disappointed, that everything will always be what they like and what they are used to and they will always be happy. In this world there are no guarantees, things always go wrong, there are always changes and disappointments, and those who seek guarantees are never going to be happy.

Freedom, Not Vice

As virtues are the means to life and one's success in life is directly commensurate with their virtues, so vice is the waste of life, and one's failure in life is directly commensurate with their vices.

The Dignity Of Freedom

Dignity is the rarest of virtues today. In other places, I've characterized this age as the age of gullibility and paranoia, but in terms of its moral character, this is the age of squalor and indignity.

What Are You Living For?

Life is not a default condition, death is.

You have no choice about being born but once you are an adult your continued existence depends on what you choose and do. If you do nothing to sustain your own life, unless someone else hooks you up to some machines, returning you to your pre-adult state, you will die.

Your Personal Freedom

Freedom is not the same as, "liberty." Liberty is a political concept and means something granted to or, "provided," by some agency of force—that is, a government. Liberty is not freedom, liberty is what some controlling agency allows or gives you permission to do. Freedom means being able to do whatever you choose to do without getting anyone else's permission or approval. Freedom is being able to live your life in any way you can choose, never being prevented by anyone else from going wherever you like or doing whatever you like, and never being compelled by anyone else to go anyplace or do anything you do not choose to go or do.

Why Live In Society?
A Freedom Philosophy Article

Most human being choose to live in some kind of social relationship with other human beings. This observation is mistakenly attributed to some supposed evolutionary or inherited natural attribute of human beings, called the, "social nature," or, "social instinct." Nothing causes human beings to do or be anything, because they must choose all their behavior.


What has racism got to do with your freedom? If you are truly a free individual, racism is not a problem for you personally, but the world you live in is populated mostly with those who are not free and who are racists—and most of them do not know it. Those who are not free regard your freedom as some kind of threat. Of course you are not threat to anyone, but being free means you do not belong to or support their favorite group, ideology, party, or movement and, being racists, they regard anyone not part of their personal collective as dangerous and evil. Racism is one of their most useful tools of oppression. It is necessary to understand how the world uses racism so you can protect your freedom from their oppression.

The Privileged

Privilege may be defined as a special advantage or prerogative enjoyed by some individuals. The word is used these days as a pejorative. To call someone, "privileged," is tantamount to calling them evil, dangerous, or dishonest.

Privilege is a kind of power, the power to do or enjoy something only those with that power can do or enjoy. There are two kinds of power: political power and economic power. The distinction is usually glossed over as a means of asserting political power over economic power.

Must Choose

The first requirement for living a free successful life is knowing one can and must consciously choose everything they do.

It is impossible to escape the fact that everything you do you choose to do. It is possible to attempt to evade responsibility for your choices. You can blame other things for what you do, like feelings, or desires, genetics, or society, your health, moods, or the provocation of others, but none of those excuses cover up the fact that whatever you do, you do because you have chosen to do it.

Physicalist Superstition

Physicalism is the philosophical thesis that everything is physical and that there is nothing other than the physical. It means nothing exists that is not physical or that cannot be explained or attributed to the physical.

Reality—An Introduction to Philosophy
A Freedom Philosophy Article

Ninety nine percent of what is called philosophy, taught as philosophy in universities, and propagated as philosophy in the popular press is obtuse nonsense, intentionally obfuscated, and so esoteric, the honest student of philosophy usually gives up the search for truth in despair before really beginning.

Philosophy cannot really be taught. The principles can be explained but only an individual who wants to know the truth and is willing to make the effort to learn it will ever learn philosophy. Most never will.

A Freedom Philosophy Article

While these articles are called philosophy they are not what is meant by philosophy today or presented as philosophy in any academic philosophy course or any book on philosophy.

This philosophy is only for those who want to know how to live successfully in the real world. It is only for those who cannot be satisfied with merely existing and care only to be and achieve all they can, living their life to the fullest and enjoying it to highest possible level of human aspiration.

Independence—Better Than Morality

Independence is the primary virtue of being a free individual. Dependence means being tied to some authority or obligation by which one's own choice are restricted. One cannot be free without being independent of all possible external limitations or strictures.

Freedom Not For Everyone

Why does the Free Individual logo add "For The Exceptional?" Because those who truly want freedom are exceptional. Most people say they want to be free, when asked, but in fact most do not know what true freedom is and would despise it if it were forced on them.

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—Since 2004