I don't mean to pick on Geoff Kendrick, because he was only expressing a very commonly held idea. He is rightly concerned about the attempted bombing of an American Airline, but in his article, "Earth to President Obama, America was just successfully attacked by an Islamic Terrorist", he wrote: "Someone needs to fill our President in on a little secret. His job, first and foremost, is to keep America and its citizens safe, period."

[Note: The Examiner.com has removed the article by Geoff Kendrick. It can still be read at this link.]

That, unfortunately, is a very common and very bad idea. It is not the president's or the government's job to keep anyone safe. The purpose of the American form of government was first and only to protect and preserve individual liberty. This is the very confusion Benjamin Franklin was referring to when he wrote, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

It is this mistaken notion that government is supposed to provide safety that is the basis of all the oppressive laws and bureaucratic regulations that hamstring businesses and oppress individuals from health and food regulations to seat-belt laws--it's all done in the name of "safety." Whole bureaucracies exist entirely to satisfy this wrong-headed anti-principle of "safety," from the FDA to the DOT; and two of the worst and most oppressive agencies are the DHS and the TSA.

The idea is propagated by liberal academia and the leftist MSM, but the biggest culprit is the government itself. Another very wise man, H. L. Mencken wrote: "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

The two biggest "hobgoblins" today are "global warming" and "terrorism;" and in the name of "protecting the people" from these horrible dangers, Americans are losing all their liberties—and their fortunes.

The Danger of Islamic Terrorism

While more and more people are finally waking up to the fact the entire global warming scare is a huge fraud, most will stamp their feet and yell, "but terrorism is real. Remember 9/11."

I do remember it. I remember that, at the time, we had the largest and most powerful military in the world and the most sophisticated and expensive intelligence agencies in the world, all meant to keep us safe from the very thing that happened. With all that power and sophistication the government could not prevent 19 Muslim nuts from hijacking four American airliners and flying two of them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and another into the Pentagon. The fourth was forced to crash into a field in Pennsylvania by the brave actions of the passengers.

I remember that 9/11 was over eight years ago, and nothing similar to it has happened since, though the government and MSM treat those events as though we were in imminent danger of their becoming a daily occurrence; but, even if they were, the government would be no more capable of preventing them then they were in 2001, or in the case of the "shoe bomber" (Richard Reid), or the latest Christmas day "Fruit-of-the-loom bomber" (Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab) attempted plane bombings. Both of the latter were prevented by the actions of passengers and crew of the airlines—and one other thing.

The "System" Will Never Work

Most people believe that various draconian laws and certain bloated bureaucracies such as DHS and TSA are "systems" meant to protect the safety and security of Americans. There was much discussion about whether the system worked, and since a terrorist with a bomb was able to board an American airliner in Holland on its way to Detroit, the conclusion was that the TSA had failed.

There was only a "failure" if you believe the purpose of these agencies-of-thugs is to prevent terrorist acts. These agencies are surely comprised of the same kinds of ignorant bureaucrats all government agencies are, but there is one thing they understand—it is not possible to prevent terrorist acts. Of course they have to keep up the facade of looking like that is what they are doing, but if it sometimes seems as though they are not really trying very hard, you are right.

Terrorism, by its very nature is unpredictable, and there is no way to ever know every possible way a terrorist will choose to carry out a terrorist attack, or where, or when. If it were possible to prevent terrorist attacks, Israel would have done it long ago. It isn't possible.

Nevertheless, these agencies and the government will continue to claim they effectively prevented another terrorist attack after 9/11. If there were no terrorist attacks after 9/11 (and there are serious doubts about that) it had nothing to do with anything any of these agencies have done. There would have been no more terrorist attacks then there were, even if these agencies never existed.

The Other Thing

I said that in addition to the heroism of the flights' crews and passengers thwarting attempted terrorist attacks, there was one other thing that prevented those attempts from being realized. That other thing is the incompetence of the terrorists. Both the shoe-bomber and panty-bomber were basically bungling idiots. They are typical Islamic terrorists.

In my two part article, "Islamic Maggots," I explained why Muslims are incapable of being a real threat to the West, and why Islam could only take over where societies were already rotten and dying. I also explained something about the relationship between Islam and terrorism:

"It is true that most of the terrorist acts in the world over the last forty years have been carried out by Muslims. It is true, the teachings of Islam encourage such acts—but if Islam caused terrorist acts, with two billion Muslims in the world, one would expect a lot more of them."

There is no attempt here to minimize the evils of Islam, the world's most repressive, retrograde, evil ideology, or the fact that most terrorists are Muslims. I am certain if Islamic leaders could make it happen, there would be terrorist attacks in every major city of the West every day. There is only one reason there are not more terrorist attacks—because they are all ignorant, incompetent bungling, idiots without any resources or capabilities except those they've stolen or taken over from others.

It is not easy to recruit individuals to become terrorists, especially suicidal ones. When they are recruited, they will be the least capable of men, even if they are Western university trained engineers, or even medical doctors. No matter how learned an individual is, there is something wrong with the mind of any person convinced that strapping explosives to his body, or having explosives in their shoe or underwear, with the intention of blowing himself, and as many other people as he can, to kingdom come is the best thing to do.

Terrorism is Not a Threat

I do not mean that terrorism does not kill people and destroy property or that there will be no more terrorist attacks. Terrorism is a terrible evil. What I mean is that "threat" is the wrong word with which to describe it and it is used to intentionally frighten and excite people.

Here is the kind of rhetoric that is used regarding terrorism:

"Terrorist attacks are a threat to the nation."
"Terrorist attacks are killing Americans."
"We are at war with terrorism."

But just how much of a threat is terrorism?

Every year, in the US, there are over 97,000 deaths from accidents, over 43,000 of those are motor vehicle accidents. Over 13,000 people die every year from falls, and as many as 3,800 drown each year.

From the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2006 there were 2,990 deaths attributed to terrorism in the United States, and that includes all the deaths from 9/11. There are more deaths every year from drowning than there were in 7 years from terrorism.

But you don't read:

"Drownings are a threat to the nation."
"Falls are killing Americans."
"We are at war with accidents."

Yet, all of these are more likely and more deadly than terrorism. Who is Terrifying You?

Who has frightened Americans so much that they do not complain about having to stand in lines at airports for hours, being abused by ignorant thugs, and having the bodies of their wives and children ogled by complete strangers, and even beg for more oppressive "security" measures? Who has convinced them that all this oppression is for the sake of their "safety?" It is not the terrorists, it is their own government, and it is all a lie.

The odds of being killed in an airline terrorist attack is one in 10,408,947. The odds of being killed by a lightening strike is one in 500,000. You are over 20 times more likely to be struck by lightening than you are to be a victim of airline terrorism. Perhaps we need an LSA (Lightening Security Agency).

Who Causes the Most American Deaths?

Since 1968 there have been 3300 deaths in the US, attributed to terrorist acts. So far, 4,287 American Service people have died in Iraq and another 949 have died in Afghanistan, for a total of 5246 Americans killed.

We are told we have to "win" the war in Afghanistan to stop terrorism. "It is better to fight them there," it is said. So, while we are preparing to send thousands more American young men to die in Afghanistan, the terrorists are coming from Yemen. (Do you still believe this is about fighting terrorism?)

What To Do About Terrorism

This is only for those who have understood and essentially agree with this article. Most people belong to this age of gullibility and paranoia and will totally disagree with it. The rest is for the few who have managed to retain their sanity and realistic perspective.

First, do not worry about or be afraid of terrorism. Unless you are the kind of person who constantly worries about falling, or having an automobile accident, or drowning, all of which are much more likely to happen, there is nothing to worry about because you will almost certainly never be a victim of a terrorist act.

You should probably not fly, however. This is not to avoid the threat of Islamic terrorism, but to avoid the very certain oppressive handling by American TSA "terrorists." You are much more likely to suffer at the hands of some American official or agent or law enforcement officer than you are ever to suffer from terrorism.

If you have a son or daughter, please discourage them from throwing their life and future away "defending" this oppressive government, which will and can do nothing to protect you from anything, and is itself the biggest threat to your life, your property, your health, and your future.