I have no use for Islam, the most backward of all religions. It keeps its adherents in abject ignorance, oppresses its women, rejects all advanced cultural achievements, and is characterized by followers who do horrible things in its name.

Does that mean that all Muslims are evil? No, there are Muslims that are probably not a threat to anyone, because they are bad Muslims, Muslims who do not follow the teachings of Islam very well. It is the good Muslims that are evil, because they have completely submitted themselves to Islam's laws and teachings. It is the good Muslims who are the terrorists, the murderers, and rapists. It is the good Muslims who behead, burn alive, and drown in cages non-Muslims. It is the good Muslims that rape a girl to death in front of her mother, who sell non-Muslim girls into sex slavery, who take over schools raping little girls and murdering the children, and who murder homosexuals by throwing them off buildings.

Nevertheless, Islam is not much of a threat. It is easy to see how something responsible for the horrible things done in the name of Islam could be thought a real threat, but Islam only flourishes and has influence where a society is already rotten. Islam has little or no influence where most people are intelligent, happy, and productive. Islam feeds on the putrefying flesh of dying societies.

Plain Truth Is Best

There is no virtue in Islam, and it is good to know what it is and what its nature is. There are plenty of resources for that. But Islam has become a tool for those who have certain agendas and it is being used to terrify people into agreeing to more and more government intrusion and oppression.

"What Muslims Really Believe" is an example of this propaganda use of Islam. I do not believe the author, John Perazzo, intends to deceive anyone and I believe he is sincere enough, but his intention is not just to inform, but to create an emotional response. Instead of appealing directly to the reason of his readers, he is appealing to their sentiments, and somewhat to the carelessness in their reasoning. That is not entirely honest.

To illustrate his point he lists thirteen "facts" related to Muslims, some of which are not facts, are irrelevant, or are misleading. Here are some examples:

"39% of people in Afghanistan believe that suicide bombings are 'often or sometimes' justified, as do 25% of Egyptians, 26% of Bangladeshis, and 62% of Palestinians." Which means 61% of Afghanistanian, 75% of Egyptian, 71% of Bangladeshis, and 38% of Palestinians believe suicide bombings are never justified. It means the same thing, but the impression it makes is totally different.

"Fewer than half of Pakistanis and Malaysians have a negative view of al Qaeda. Barely half of Nigerians and Tunisians have negative opinions about the Taliban. And a mere 16% of Pakistanis hold Hamas in low regard." Which probably means Pakistanis and Malaysians, who are not Arabs and are mostly of Chinese descent and citizens of the largest Muslim country in the world never think about al Qaeda or Hamas at all. I suspect Nigerians and Tunisians who do not have negative opinions about the Taliban probably do not have any opinion about the Taliban. Not having a negative opinion is not the equivalent of having a positive opinion which is the obvious intended impression.

"In a 2011 survey of Muslims in seven Middle Eastern countries, nowhere did any more than 28% of respondents accept the notion that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were carried out by Arabs." Did they deny it? Perhaps they were just ignorant, which sounds more likely. And why is the question about Arabs. The 9/11 terrorists weren't terrorists because they were Arabs. Lebanese Christians are Arabs and the majority of Arabs in the United States are Christians. All Arabs are Semitic, just as all Jews are Semitic. It is just as true that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were carried out by Semitic people. Probably less than 50% of Americans would "accept that notion." I'm going to give the benefit of the dought to the author here. Emphasizing Arab is probably just an ignorant mistake.

"In most of these same Middle Eastern countries, significant majorities of Muslims view Westerners generally as being 'selfish,' 'violent,' 'greedy,' 'immoral,' 'arrogant,' and 'fanatical.'" Hard to see the problem here. That's pretty close to my opinion of most Americans.

"Overwhelming majorities of Muslims throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as in the Middle East, believe that wives should 'always' obey their husbands." Oddly enough, throughout the South and Southeast of the USA, though not an overwhelming majority, a very large number of Bible-believing Christians believe the same thing.

The remaining six "facts" only point out that in Islamic countries sharia law is embraced and some of the more disgusting of Muslim acts are more common, like honor killings. Some of the horrors of sharia are pointed out, like whipping criminals or amputating the hands of thieves, the death penalty for apostates, and stoning as punishment for adultery.

The Agenda

John Perazzo believes more immigration of Muslims to the United States is a bad thing. "To what degree can we reasonably expect newcomers from places like these to assimilate into Western society?" he writes.

The question is a good one. Of course it depends on whether the Muslims are bad Muslims (in which case their assimilation is more likely) or good Muslims (in which case the likelihood of their assimilation is next to nil.) But the real question is why do Muslims want to come to the United States? What would make a Muslim who believes all the horrible things devout Muslims believe about Westerners, especially decadent Americans, want to come live among such evil people? What makes them think they can possibly be happy or successful here?

If the United States were still a moderately free country and everyone had to earn their own way, no Muslim would be interested in coming here. No one would be restricted from saying exactly what they thought of Muslims, no one would be forced to deal with them unless they chose to, and no Muslim would be able to live without getting a job and doing something productive.

Islam flourishes in societies dominated by oppression, corruption, and ignorance. Fifty years ago very few Muslims had any interest in coming to the United States. Now they are clamoring to come here, because in that short time the United States has become a country dominated by oppression [dictating to people what they can and cannot say and write, who they have to do business with, and who they must support], corruption [the tax money stolen from producers is distributed to any loafer who is a promising supporter of the politicians], and ignorance [because the public schools have left no one behind in the process of dumbing down Americans].

Of course the Muslims want to come here. They will get free food, free clothing, free housing, free health care, free education and no one will be allowed to say anything mean or true about them or look at them cross-eyed. That is the real problem and no one is interested in doing anything about the oppression, corruption, and ignorance which are the open sores of America's putrefying flesh. All of these, the oppression, the corruption, and the ignorance are the result of all the laws pushing the socialist liberal agenda and the only solution, a very unlikely one, would be to eliminate the laws that have corrupted America. So long as the corruption continues, it does not much matter what parasites are taking advantage of the country's rot.

What can one do? How about everybody just live their lives as well as they possibly can, being the best they can be in every way, keeping their nose out of everyone else's business, and not clamoring for more and more government laws and interventions to make the world, or the country, or the community the one they would like it to be. Government is the source of the rot that makes any society vulnerable to parasites. It's not the parasites one needs to worry about, its the politicians and all those who support them.