Environmental Hegemony

What if there were a lie that was so big and so widely accepted that it was defended and promoted by the rulers of the world's nations, and those nations governments had huge agencies with billion dollar budgets based on that lie, and whole industries developed with no other purpose than pursuing and promoting the lie; and what if the lie became so pervasive that it was taught and promoted in every school and university until that lie was was embraced by almost all scientists, social and political leaders, news commentators, experts and authorities in the world and they all staked their fortunes and professional reputations on it? There is a name for that kind of lie. It is called hegemony.

It was Antonio Gramsci, the father of Cultural Maxism, that described how hegemony works. Here is Dominic Strinati's description of Gramsci's concept:

"...Dominant groups in society, including fundamentally but not exclusively the ruling class, maintain their dominance by securing the 'spontaneous consent' of subordinate groups, including the working class, through the negotiated construction of a political and ideological consensus which incorporates both dominant and dominated groups."

Gramsci and the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School sought nothing less than a world-wide social, cultural, and political revolution resulting in a one world government. Their efforts have born horrible fruit, such as the multiculturalism and moral hedonism dominating today's societies, but they never really discovered the one thing their revolution required:

"The key to 'revolutionary' social change in modern societies [depends] ... upon the prior formation of a new alliances of interests, an alternative hegemony or 'historical bloc', which has already developed a cohesive world view of its own. [Emphasis mine.]

But there is just such a, "cohesive world view," and it consists entirely of lies, lies which almost all the world has embraced—it is called environmentalism—I call green hegemony.

Environmental Totalitarianism

A world view does not become "hegemony" until it is accepted by most of the dominant groups, institutions, and organization in a society. Today there is virtually no major business, school, university, radio or television network, or any other aspect of mass media that does not only accept the environmental lies, but is totally dominated by them.

In my previous article on environmentalism, "Green Evil—A Hate Speech," I described something called, "built constituency," which is just the greens language for "intentional hegemony."

The US government is a wonderful example of green hegemony. From the US Environmental Protection Agency's own History page, "The Birth of EPA:"

"Ideas are needed—better yet a whole world view—and many environmental ideas first crystallized in 1962.

"That year saw the publication of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, first in serial form in the New Yorker and then as a Houghton Mifflin best seller. This exhaustively researched, carefully reasoned, and beautifully written attack on the indiscriminate use of pesticides was not exactly light reading. Yet it attracted immediate attention and wound up causing a revolution in public opinion."

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is nothing but lies, cover to cover, and is responsible for millions of needless deaths from mosquito born diseases worldwide. "Sixty million people have died needlessly of malaria, since the imposition of the 1972 ban on DDT, and hundreds of millions more have suffered from this debilitating disease." The EPA praises this evil work as an example of their "whole world view," and they were instrumental in getting DDT banned worldwide.

This, "agency of death," is supported by your tax dollars to the tune of over $7 billion dollars a year. With over 17,000 direct employees, and a host of "beneficiaries" from over a billion dollars in yearly grants; with Draconian regulatory powers, the EPA wields enormous power and influence over all businesses, individuals, and their property.

Environmentalism has invaded almost every government agency, such as the Bureau of Land Management (late figures unavailable, but budget hovers around $40 million), the Bureau of Reclamation (Over $1 Billion in 2007), the U.S. Department of Energy (Environment $5.5 billion, Renewable Energy $1.25 billion, and $38 billion "enabling commitments to guarantee loans under Title XVII of the EPAct), the Fish and Wildlife Service ($2.2 Billion), Forest Service ($5 billion), NASA (Total budget, $19 billion, $1 billion for "Earth Science" [environmentalism]), National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration ($4.1 billion?"NOAA Budget to Fund Ocean, Climate Priorities"), the National Science Foundation ($6 billion), the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program ($69 million "Department of Defense's environmental science and technology program"), United States Department of Agriculture ($95 billion). Half or more of most of these budgets are used to fund directly, in the form of loans and grants to various organizations or universities, a multitude of "environmental" programs from research to recycling. Every single individual involved in any of these programs or receiving any of these funds has a vested interested in perpetuating the environmental lies.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Government involvement with the entrenchment of environmentalism, as huge as it is, comprises only a tiny fraction of its pervasiveness. The greens like to repudiate real scientists and honest investigators exposing their lies as being influenced by big business interests and money, especially "big oil."

In 1997, just the environmental consulting industry alone employed over 5 million people and sucked $595 billion out of the American economy. I say "sucked" because that entire industry does not produce a dimes worth of product of any kind.

It is not this total drain on the economy that concerns the greens, however; they are more concerned with "Exxon Mobil's staggering $40.6 billion earnings for 2007" which they say, drives, "the truth home: There's no business on the planet that gushes forth more profit than selling oil—nothing even close." Well the environmental consulting industry "gushed" more than 10 times as much "profit" without producing a thing, and the oil companies produce what the entire economy and every productive business in the country absolutely depends on. In 2007, the profits for the entire oil industry in the US (9 companies) was $128 billion, less than a quarter of what just one aspect of the environmentalism racket raked in 10 years earlier.

Perhaps the fastest growing environmental hustle is the "carbon credits" and "carbon trading" racket. "Trading carbon credits grew to be a $60 billion industry last year, up from just $33 billion in 2006." This whole business is based on the lies of the climate change alarmists and no one seems to take any notice that the high priest of climate change, Al Gore himself, is set to make billions in this carbon trading scam. It apparently goes equally unnoticed that this $60 billion "industry" also does not produce a single product.

The Mills of Environmentalism

Where do environmentalists come from? There were 17 million students enrolled in more than 4000 US Colleges and Universities in the 2005-06 school year, and over 2 million bachelors and masters degrees conferred at the end of that academic period. Environmental indoctrination is part and parcel of what goes by the name education in virtually every institution of learning in this country.

There are over 8300 colleges and universities worldwide all contaminated with the same environmental propaganda. All of academia has been turned into a huge Ecology Seminary turning out millions of environmental evangelists to man our businesses, media, schools, and social institutions.

The extent to which environmentalism is entrenched in academia, not only as part of the curriculum, but in every aspect of university and college policy is almost impossible to believe. It is certainly fair to say, absolutely no doubt or debate of the environmental orthodoxy is tolerated at any level, from the administration to the student body, in any college or university today.

Though it is often put over as science and thrust in among legitimate scientific subjects, there is not a scintilla of scientific basis for any aspect of environmentalism—it is wholly and entirely a collectivist political ideology bent on total political control.

The Perversion of Science

Environmentalism is a perversion of science that turns it into something horrible. The purpose of science is to discover the nature of the material world so that man can use that knowledge to produce what is required to live successfully and happily in this world. The purpose of science is not to find reasons or means to oppress men, to control their lives, or to foist Draconian social system on them?but that is exactly the purpose for which environmentalism uses its perverted version of science. Though environmentalist will evade this true purpose of environmentalism, it cannot be hidden when being used as an academic brain-washing tool.

For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology'sDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a 53 faculty, research Staff, and lecturers, includes these required courses:

"1.020 Ecology II: Engineering for Sustainability Review of physical, chemical, ecological, and economic principles used to examine interactions between humans and the natural environment. Applications of mass balance concepts in ecology, .... Numerical models used to integrate concepts and to assess environmental impacts of human activities." [Emphasis mine.]

"Sustainability," is a United Nations euphemism for "primitive," or as Tom DeWeese describes it, "Sustainable Development is that 'ruling principle' for the implementation of what former Vice President Al Gore said we must all suffer through in order to purify our nation from the horrors of the Twentieth Century's industrial revolution." [Read Tom's two part article! Here and here.]

Environmentalists never see the "interactions between humans and the natural environment," as anything but malevolent, and what do "economic" principles have to do with any of this if there is no intention of interfering in that economy. You can be sure, when the "environmental impacts of human activities," are assessed, human activities (growing food and producing the products that make life worth living) will turn out to be "very bad." This is nothing but environmental propaganda.

Here is another MIT course:

"1.071J Global Change Science: Introduces the basic relevant principles and concepts in atmospheric physics, climate dynamics, biogeochemistry, and water and energy balance at the land-atmosphere boundary, [scientific so far, but] through an examination of two current problems in the global environment: carbon dioxide and global warming; and tropical deforestation and regional climate. [So much for science. Emphasis mine.]"

There is so much wrong with this, one hardly knows where to begin. Since when does science simply accept something as a fact, totally without evidence or explanation. Exactly what are the problems in the "global environment" [whatever that is] attributable to carbon dioxide, and where exactly is there any global warming? If anyone thinks carbon dioxide is a problem, what do they think not having carbon dioxide would be? The fact that all the plants in the world, as well as all animal life would cease wouldn't bother an environmentalist much, I suppose. This drivel is being taught as science at one of the world's most prestigious "scientific" universities.

This is the kind of environmental clap-trap being taught in every college and university, but it is has invaded much more than just curriculum. Rutgers is a good example.

Like all the larger universities today, Rutgers has a Department of Environmental Sciences with a faculty of 24. Courses include all the same environmental non-science muck found in all such propaganda classes. For example, from the syllabus for the course, "Introduction to Environmental Science," one can find the following covered, "Environmental Ethics," "Environmental Policy: Brownfields," "Evolution, Biodiversity, and Population Ecology," "Species Interactions and Community Ecology," "Biodiversity and Conservation Biology," and "Sustainable Solutions." But, the best illustration of how environmentalism has come to dominate academia as an all-encompasing social/political ideology is Rutgers Climate and Environmental Change Initiative described as:

"A university-wide endeavor that addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time. This multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach effort draws from the strengths in many departments at Rutgers and facilitates collaboration across a broad range of disciplines. The Initiative is guided by three major goals:

* To understand the mechanisms that drive global and regional climate change
* To predict the future of the climate system as well as the impacts of change on a densely populated, coastal society [My emphasis.]
* To educate society about the causes and consequences of climate change

Climate change touches our society on a variety of scales, from local to global and from individual to societal. By fostering a greater understanding of climate change, its effects, and its solutions, the knowledge gained as part of the Climate and Environmental Change Initiative will enable healthy development of ... citizens, communities, policies, and economy."

Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your little green heart!? The totalitarian ambitions of these academics is positively breathtaking. Without any evidence at all, global climate change is just asserted as the excuse for everything else.

These high priests of environmentalism are claiming what all prophets of doom claim, that they can "predict the future." They can't! No one can, about climate or anything else. What these kinds of "prophets" mean by "predict the future" is, "control the future." Their real intention is clear: in the name of, "healthy development," they intend to control the "economy", "policies," (i.e. government laws), "communities," (communes), and "citizens," (that is, complete control of individual behavior).

Total Green

I have not touched on all of the businesses and institutions that have incorporated environmentalism into their policies and practices. There is, for example, a field of "environmental law," which has spawned a whole industry of environmental lawyers and law firms, even environmental expert witnesses.

Thousands of real scientist have totally repudiated global warming; but the truth is not one of the things environmentalists are interested in. They have a program to put over, and they intend to force their anti-human, anti-industrial, anti-Western civilization program on you.

This is what you are up against:

At least 558 American college and university presidents have signed the "American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment".

"The fight against global warming will shape the 21st century. Colleges and universities must exercise leadership in their communities and throughout society by modeling ways to eliminate global warming emissions, and by providing the knowledge and the educated graduates to achieve climate neutrality. Campuses that address the climate challenge by eliminating global warming emissions and by integrating sustainability into their curriculum will better serve the students and meet their social mandate to help create a thriving, ethical and civil society. We hope you will join us in supporting the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment."

Such hegemony Marx and Gramsci could only dream of. Environmentalism is being used by the new totalitarians to control every aspect of society and culture, beyond anything Marx or Gramsci could have imagined, but Aldous Huxley imagined it in Brave New World. "A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude." The name of that totalitarian state is "Total Green."

[Want a foretaste of what is being planned for you. It's already fait accompli in the UK where there are now "1,000-plus Big Brother laws," that will let the state enter anyone's home or business whenever it chooses.]