Facets of Ayn Rand

Without doubt, the most famous individualist was Ayn Rand. She was not only an individualist herself, but devoted her life and work to individualism. Like most true individualists, she was greatly misunderstood, even hated. Two former colleagues hated her so much, each wrote books to defame her and destroy her reputation. Most people's opinions of who Ayn Rand was, and the kind of person she was, have been influenced by the disgusting lies in those books.

I am therefore delighted the Ayn Rand Institute has decided to make the book written by two of her longtime personal friends, Mary Ann and Charles Sures, Facets of Ayn Rand, available, free online.

It is a delightfully personal and close look at the person of Ayn Rand. I read the book years ago and found it's light, frank, and ingenuous touch different from anything else written about her. If all you know about Ayn Rand are the lies propagated by the Brandens, be sure to read this book.