A Dream of Daring

A Review

What happens when a man thinks for himself, and what he thinks is not like anything anyone else thinks, and what he does is not like anything anyone else has ever done before and everyone both fears and hates what he thinks and what he has done?

What happens when a woman is despised, simply for what she is, and no matter how intelligent, how moral, or how strong she is, everyone is against her, uses her, and will do anything to, "put her in her place," because she is not one of them?

What happens when these two misfits, despised by everyone, discover each other, and become immediate adversaries?

Gen LaGreca answers these questions in her latest novel, A Dream of Daring. In this moving and exciting account of antebellum Southern intrigue, political corruption, murder, slavery, unspeakable cruelty, and forbidden love, she records the story of real romantic heroism.

The story builds slowly and the suspense and mystery become increasingly intense culminating in a very surprising revelation of the facts that is both shocking and profoundly moving.

If individual freedom, adventure, and justice are concepts you embrace, A Dream of Daring will provide a thoroughly satisfying and inspiring reading experience.

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