The Egypt Gyp

The headlines are designed to whip up worry and fear, like this one:

The Egyptian Crisis Continues with stories like this:

"Many are fearing more bloodshed in case Mubarak refuses to step down again. So far over 120 people have been killed in the protests, over 4,000 have been injured, and thousands more have been arrested."

But notice this:

"Food scarcity is hitting the country. Protests have effectively shut down most markets and stores in Cairo and other cities. Egyptians and observers fear that people are soon going to start finding it impossible to buy groceries if the protests continue and no solution is devised to return stability to the country."

There is political rioting in Cairo and some other unnamed cites, and that is going to cause food scarcity in the whole country? I'll come back to this.

So What?

Fred Reed is right. "... human beings are intensely local animals. [Egypt] is not very local, being intensely Somewhere Else. It has little to do with getting the kids through school, planting the flower garden, shoving the software project out the door on time, or getting drunk at Bobby-Lou's Rib Pit." Nothing happening in Egypt will have any direct impact on any aspect of any American's daily life. What happens in Egypt really doesn't matter—at least it shouldn't!

But the MSM, the Academics, and the politicians will do everything they can to convince you what happens in Egypt is perhaps more important than what happens to your own children, and it is all a Big Lie.

To Whom Does It Matter?

What happens in Egypt matters to Egyptians, of course, but what happens in Egypt does not matter to you, if you are an American living in the USA. But the headlines read:

Egypt crisis: Israel rallies to support of Egyptian regime, just as if that "crisis" meant something to us.

Why should it matter to you or me who rules Egypt? We can understand why Israel might be concerned, but Egypt is no threat to the US. The "Egyptian regime," supported by Israel is a totally corrupt totalitarian dictatorship and if Israel wants to support that, it's their business, and none of ours, although we as individuals have a right to be properly disgusted with it.

Big Lies are always put over with emotion inducing rhetoric without either fact or truth behind them—their whole purpose is to hide the facts and obfuscate the truth.

The Muslim Brotherhood

The most common emotion the Big Lie rhetoric is design to evoke is fear. It ought rightly to be called verbal terrorism.

The Muslim Brotherhood is always used in this fear mongering way. An example is this headline:

Muslim Brotherhood: "Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel", with this scary story: "Muhammad Ghannem reportedly told Al- Alam that the Suez Canal should be closed immediately, and that the flow of gas from Egypt to Israel should cease 'in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime.' He added that 'the people should be prepared for war against Israel,' saying the world should understand that 'the Egyptian people are prepared for anything to get rid of this regime.'"

"This regime," of course is the vile Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak, regime supported by Israel, and until recently the US Government, as well.

Is this any kind of threat to you? If they actually shut down the Suez Canal, it would a problem, mostly for Europe, but it would have very little impact on the US—but they are not going to shut down that cash cow, you can be sure of that.

Just in case you are not frightened enough, there are more stories like this:

6 Historical Reasons Why The Muslim Brotherhood Must Not Be Allowed Into Power In Egypt, which concludes with this:

"Here we've seen a few reasons why the Muslim Brotherhood must not have a seat at the table of power in the Egyptian government. We can see that, for 80-plus years, the Muslim Brotherhood have been willing to engage in violence and war to achieve their goal of Islamic control of the world. These are only a handful of reasons, and there are plenty more. I guarantee if you'll take a little time to dig in, research, and read up on the Muslim Brotherhood, you'll unearth more."

"The Muslim Brotherhood are no mere band of religious purists. They are, rather, a dangerous group that threatens to destroy peace, freedom, security, and reasonable discourse throughout the world, all in the name of a frightening strain of radical Islam. They cannot be allowed to have any power in Egypt. They must be stopped."

There is no doubt the intentions and actions of the Muslim Brotherhood are evil, including some assassination's (although I do not remember a Muslim Brotherhood war). But why their ruling Egypt would be any worse then the vile corrupt Hosni Mubarak is anything but obvious. The only difference is Israel prefers Mubarak, but the people would be better off without him.

Then There's Iran

"You better fear, you better fear, Iran, Iran, Iran is here," or something similar is the chant of the fear mongers. One of my own contributor's articles, "Has Obama Lost Egypt to Iran?" says "What we are seeing in the Middle East including Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and to some extent Jordan and Lebanon, is a direct result of the Obama administration's failure to support Israel ....

Now I'm sure Mr. Longstreet really believes that, and has no idea he is helping to promote the Big Lie. What the people in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan or Lebanon do has nothing to do with whomever Obambam supports or does not support. But in fact, as we shall see, we are supporting all of these countries.

Another of my contributors is, I hope, unwittingly promoting the Big Lie.

In Losing Egypt, Alan Caruba wrote: "The uprising in Egypt, if taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, will severely endanger American interests ..."


Does Mr. Caruba have investments in some Egyptian company? If Egypt was taken over by Martians tomorrow it would not matter a pickle to a single American citizen, except in a positive sense, we'll note shortly.

"No Middle Eastern nation is safe so long as radical Shia Islam is directed from Tehran and operates with impunity in Yemen and in Pakistan," he writes. To which I write, that's too bad for Middle Eastern countries—if it bothers them, they can do something about it. It's no problem for any American.

"No nation in the world is safe if Iran acquires nuclear weapons," he adds. This sounds scary, doesn't it? Pakistan is a Muslim country and has nuclear weapons. Just exactly how does Iran deliver those nuclear weapons, by the way—without consequences?

He continues, "What the world has witnessed has proven to be very bad news for the West. The 1979 Iranian revolution has given us Mamoud Ahmadinejad ... [who's "us," Caruba. Are you an Iranian?] ... and a regime plotting through proxies to control Lebanon via Hezbollah and Gaza via Hamas, while it plots to control Iraq and eyes the Gulf States as well." Big plans. Lot's of people and countries have big plans. But frankly, even if they pulled them all of, SO WHAT? Who cares who runs that hell-hole called the Middle East?

He concludes, "Its closest ally these days is Syria. It has long sought to become a nuclear power. Its proclaimed goal is to destroy Israel."

Then Israel better watch out; but it's none of our affair!

What Matters To Us

There is one way that the Middle East does matter to American citizens, but it is none of the ways the government, the MSM, or the Academics and other leftists would like to convince us the Middle East matters with their Big Lie.

You won't see much about this: Non-Political Bread Riots Are Breaking Out In Egypt. Huge lines form outside Cairo bread shops every day when baked goods are delivered. But bread prices are up 300% and deliveries have become irregular.

It is that kind of inflation produced by the corrupt Mubarak regime that is the motive for the broad revolutionary mood of the Egyptian people. Hungry people rebel, and they are rebelling against the regime supported by Israel and the American government.

Egypt is a backward country. According to the CIA Fact Book only 71.4% of the population can read and write, compared to 99.8% for Cuba or 90.4% for Indonesia. It is also very poor, 20% of the population is considered below poverty line, which in Egypt is only one step from starvation.

In spite of the highly tauted oil-wealth of the Middle East, the Middle East countries are all mostly poor and ignorant. All the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the politically connected rulers. The Middle East poses no threat to the United States which it is dependent on for its very existence.

The biggest danger the Middle East is to American Citizens is to their wealth which is stolen from them and sunk in the permanent Middle East black hole by means of so-called "foreign aid." Here is what you really have to fear from the Middle East:

From the U.S. Foreign Assistance to the Middle East: Historical Background, Recent Trends, and the FY2011 Request report, I have summarized how your wealth is being wasted on all these corrupt and evil regimes:

Country 2010 2011
Israel $2.8 billion $3 billion
Egypt $1.55 billion $1.55 billion
Jordan $842 million $642 million
Palestinians--West Bank/Gaza $500 million $550 million
Lebanon $238 million $246 million
Algeria $2.6 million $2.77 million
Bahrain $20.8 million $21.7 million
Kuwait $.015 million $.010 million
Libya $.78 million $.875 million
Morocco $ 35.3 million $ 42.5 million
Oman $15 million $16.2 million
Qatar $.01 million $.01 million
Saudi Arabia $.2 million $.37 million
Tunisia $19.1 million $7.2 million
United Arab Emirates $.24 million $.24 million
Yemen $67.2 million $106.6 million

Totals $6.278445 billion $6.186475 billion

Gullible Americans

If Americans were not so stupid and gullible it would not be so easy to convince them that events in the Middle East are in any way a threat to them, and they would know the only threat is how their own politicians use the Big Lie about the Middle East (and the rest of the world, for that matter) to frighten them and convince them they ought to have their money taken from them, their lives controlled, and their children sent to every backwater swamp in the world to fight and die in the government's wars.

If it were not for all the billions of dollars the United States has wasted on the ignorant savages of the middle east, they could not be a danger to anyone. How does anyone believe those nations that cannot even feed themselves are a danger to anyone else. There is only one correct action with regard to the middle east, the United States must stop feeding and supporting them. It is exactly like feeding a sickly starving pack of wolves you know is bent on eating you, and will as soon as you have made them healthy and strong.

There is no danger to you from Egypt, there is infinite danger to you, your life and your wealth from your own government. It uses the Big Lie to steal $6 billion dollars a year from you to feed those who hate you, and its the same Big Lie that cost you $3 trillion in the Iraq war, and the killing of over 4400 of your children, and the wounding of more than 32000 others—most with bodies and minds so ruined, no real life will ever be possible to them.

Egypt, the entire Middle East, and all the other lies the govrnment tells are one big gyp.