Live Forever

[Article Recovered from Hacked Autonomist]

I personally doubt, "man could live forever." I do know, while there are certainly things you can do to shorten your life, there is little you can do to lengthen it. Sure there are experts, an endless supply of them, that assure us we can lengthen our lives and know all the rules for doing it, and are actively making those rules into laws to ensure we all live longer whether we want to or not. Like all other social engineering schemes to improve lives, it's just another form of oppression that will probably shorten lives or at least make them miserable.

The fact is, those who live the longest are those who break all the expert's rules. They smoke, they drink, they eat rich fatty foods. It's true they remain active all their lives, but not to stay healthy, but because they can and they enjoy it. If there is any secret at all, and I don't think there is, the one thing they all seem to share is a sense of humor and a lack of worrying.

So how did Jeanne Calment, the oldest ever woman, live 122 years? "It turns out that she was a gourmet who liked alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates and sweets. As well as her sweet tooth, she was fond of cheap red wine, fois gras and a rich local stew."

It helps, of course, if you, like she, are never sick a day in your life, but I have to wonder how long she would have lived in these days of tobacco and food police. I am convinced the real secret of Jeanne Calment's long life was that she lived and enjoyed her live as chose to—that is real freedom and independence.

Think I'll have a drink to that, ...and a smoke!