[Written, March 21, 2011.]

I knew it was comming when I read the propaganda spouted by none other than U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who said "The world will not 'sit idly by,' amid fears that Gadafi will commit 'unspeakable atrocities' against his people."

That is all it takes these days to justify killing endless numbers of people and destroying other country's property and wealth, just the fear someone might commit "unspeakable atrocities." Of course the way to prevent future possible attrocities is to use one's superior military might to begin committing unspeakable atrocities right away.


So it was no surprise to me when, "the United States, France, Britain, Canada and Italy" began "launching strikes on Libya. ... with Arab nations expected to join ... later." What does surprise me a little is that almost no one is questioning the obvious lie, that these attacks have anything to do with the leaders of five countries suddenly overcome by humanitarian concerns for those who might suffer "undpeakable atrocities," at the hands of Moamar Gaddafi. There is something much bigger, much more sinister in the wind, but no one seems to suspect that this assualt against the soveriegn nation of Libya is a cover for something not yet apparent.

The only comments I've seen so far in the MSM to recognize there is something about all of this that sounds more like the creation of Lewis Carrol than any legitimate international policy is Peter Hitchens, who asks the obvious question, "Why can't we just let the Libyans fight it out?" That's how the revolution in Egypt was handled, and how all the other revolutions in the Middle East are being handled, like Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, as well as Iran.

Peter's very first sentence says what any thinking person knows. "Politics seems to have become a sort of mental illness. We have no bloody business in Libya, and no idea what we hope to achieve there." Of course he's speaking about England, but it would be just as true of the other four nations ivolved, especially the U.S. I'm afraid the mental illness is much wider than politics, however, because no one is asking the question, what, exactly, is the objective?

It's For The Libyans

If you believe for one minute that France, Britain, Canada, Italy, or even the United States is expending its time, effort, and military resources entirely out of humanitarian concern for the Libyan people you are suffering from the same mental illness as the politicians.

Those, "Libyan" citizens who are in revolt against Ghadafi are Al-Qaeda agents, who have long advocated a revolt to overthrow Gaddafi and establish Sharia Law, or perhaps they are "the Muslim Brotherhood ... the 'strongest group in Libya' which 'transcends all the tribes.'" Most likely, they are some of both these factions.

They are certainly not the loyal Libyan citizens who support Gadafi and voluntarily formed a "human shield at Gaddafi's compound." One paper tried to minimize the significance of those Libyan's support for Gadafi, reporting that Moammar Kadhafi's human shield was thinning, but it was not his support that was thinning, but only the crowd that began to disperse when it was learned the humanitarian Americans were firing Cruise missiles at them, to prevent them from possibly suffering any "unspeakable atrocities."

Everything Is Wrong With This

The world blames Gaddafi for the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scottland and for the 270 total fatalities. Some are suggesting, since that makes Gadafi a terrorist, one reason for the assault on Libya is to finally bring justice to Gadafi. But England is one of the countries involved in the assault, and that same England did all it could to secure the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, "to further UK-Libyan relations."

"On December 19, 2003, ... Gaddafi stunned much of the world by renouncing Tripoli's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs and welcoming international inspectors to verify that Tripoli would follow through on its commitment."

Most have forgotten:

  • Gaddafi announced a commitment to fight al-Qaida in 1999.
  • United States restored diplomatic relations in 2006.
  • Until this year, Gaddafi has continued to cooperate in the war on terrorism.
  • Gaddafi paid compensation for all the Lockerbie victims.
  • In 2008 all remaining lawsuits against Libya by U.S. terrorism victims were settled.
  • Tourism was restored in Libya only months ago.

In fact, Libya and Gaddafi, in recent days, have enjoyed excellent diplomatic relationships with certain Western Countries, especially France, Britain, and Italy, three of the countries now attacking him. Western journalists may call him delusional, but what do you call it when those who use you to help them in their "fight against terrorism," turn to fight against you, when you are fighting terrorists? Gaddafi, "Claims West betrayed, abandoned him in fighting Qaeda." Gaddafi was right!

Mostly A Mystery, But Not Entirely

Moammar Kadhafi is a tyrant, a dictator, and a political leftist, probably a communist in ideology, though his views are very much his own. He has a history of involvement with terrorism, which he has repudiated for over ten years. He has been all these things all the time countries like France, Britain, Italy, even the United States were courting him over the last few years, up until a little over a month ago. The reason for the abrupt and inexplicable reversal toward Kaddafi, may never be known; it is certain the propaganda and rhetoric being put forth is not the explanation, and as far as I know, no one is even asking for any evidence that Kaddafi is not doing anything more then defending himself and his nation's sovereignty from foreign intervention and meddling.

The first demonstrations of the, "Libyan revolt," occurred on February 15. By March 19 British and French jets began attacking Libyan military vehicles, and American and British missiles were launched at Libyan targets. How this grand organization of military power could have been agreed to and organized in little over a month is uncomprehensible—unless, of course, the real planning had been going on a lot longer.

It is obvious there is much more to this libyan affair than is known. It may never be fully known, but it is certainly not what any of the participants are telling us, and certainly not anything being presented by the MSM.

One certain thing is, no one knows what the consequences of this certain-to-be-disastrous operation is going to be. Not even its intended purpose has been identified, and no one has bothered to consider how it will end.

The most unpredictable element in this whole show is Moamar Kaddafi himself. No one is going to predict what he will do.

Why Kaddafi has suddenly become the whole world's enemy, worthy of death, seems inexplicable, but you can be certain there is money behind it all somewhere. The question is, who is profiting from all this, besides the war industry, of course.