Mind-benders—Mark Hamilton & Neo-tech

[NOTE: Mark Hamilton is not in my original list of mind-benders in the Introduction to this series, because he does not fit the description of the others. Mark Hamilton and company are totally faudulent. I've decided to include him in this series because so many of his methods are identical to those use by the others, and because his wide influence is indication of the gullibility of most people that allows all these mind-bending enterprises to be put over.]

While researching some business problem sites I ran across one with the intriguing title, "Achieve Success By Solving Business Problems," on a site called, "Power Essence: Success in a Changing World."

What this is all about can be discovered by studying the links on the right side of the page called, "Our Favorite People." To save you some time, they all eventually lead to Mark Hamilton, which is what this is all about.

It's about an endless array of WEB sites:

If you look at some of these sites you soon learn, Mark Hamilton promises you everything you could possibly want and all it will cost you is $30 a month.

Who Is This Mark Hamilton?

If you investigate some of the hundreds of Mark Hamilton WEB pages you will learn Mark Hamilton is a writer of books, like this one: The Prime Cure, which is only "$299.00, and is described as, "The complete 30-year findings to eternal youth—the complete 2500-page Neothink® Information Package, The Prime Cure with the Neothink® Money and Neothink® Romance sections included—is just 12¢ per page packed full of turnkey Neothink® Techniques, ..."

You will also discover Mark Hamilton is the founder of the "Twelve Visions Party®," which is described on the Twelve Visions Party®—National Convention page.

The Twelve Visions Party® sounds very good. Here is what it says about the Democratic Party:

"So, the Democratic Party's tolerance and love for people has transmogrified into a grotesque power-play to win groups?to win certain races, religions, and social classes or voting segments of our population, which has led to extraordinarily damaging consequences. For example, democrats push for extensive entitlements for those voting segments, in essence buying their votes. Those entitlements are now sinking America into mind-boggling debt. Those entitlements are bankrupting our children's futures."

And here is what it says about the Republican Party:

"So, the Republican Party's fiscal responsibility and limited government (when in power) transmogrified into fiscal irresponsibility and government empowerment into a grotesque power-play to buy or pander to groups or voting segments of our population, which has led to extraordinarily damaging consequences. For example, republicans when in power push for elaborate spending sprees (and for mandating morals) that please voting segments, in essence buying their votes. Those spending sprees now contribute to America?s insurmountable debt. Those spending sprees are now bankrupting our children's futures."

And here is what it says about the Twelve Visions Party®:

"With the TVP National Platform, Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, I announce the birth of the Twelve Visions Party. The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget are the two pillars that hold up this new party. They manifest the original beauty behind the two old parties without the lies, tricks, and power-plays that destroyed those beautiful original intentions. ...

"Ordinary people are suffering. The Twelve Visions Party is here to reverse the rising rule of man and eventually eradicate it and its destruction of government and country. The Twelve Visions Party recognizes a very unique opportunity to rapidly and radically turn this economy around. Whereas people?s wallets suffer greatly under the rising rule of man in America, the Twelve Visions Party sees a unique opportunity to arrest the rule of man and its suppressive ruling class in order to free the geniuses of society to make everyone prosperous, including the poor! Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor, the premier (and timeless) National Platform of the Twelve Visions Party, opens the mind-space to visualize a Twelve-Visions World."

[NOTE: The TVP National Platform is a very subtle work with great appeal to any freedom loving individual who believes in individual achievement. It's very long, on 12 separate WEB pages, but an excellent example of the subtlety of their writing.]

In case you are interested, these are "The Twelve Visions" of The Twelve Visions Party®

  • Vision One: Become the Person You were Meant to Be
  • Vision Two: Live the Life You Were Meant to Live
  • Vision Three: Feel Extraordinary Every Day
  • Vision Four: Slow Down Aging Permanently
  • Vision Five: Land the Job of Your Dreams
  • Vision Six: Build the Business of Your Passions
  • Vision Seven: Experience the Love of Your Life
  • Vision Eight: Have the Body You Always Envied
  • Vision Nine: Become a Genius of Society
  • Vision Ten: Have Everything You Ever Wanted (via the free-to-soar geniuses and super technologies)
  • Vision Eleven: Ride A Prosperity Wave to Riches (via falling prices and soaring buying power)
  • Vision Twelve: Enjoy Nearly Perfect Health (via soaring medical technologies and falling prices)

(Who could opposed to any of these things? Who could actually believe them? Apparently a lot of people, as we shall see.)

None of this, however tells us who Mark Hamilton really is. In fact, despite the fact there are hundreds of Mark Hamilton WEB pages, which tell a lot about what he is promoting, with one tiny exception, none of them say anything about who Mark Hamilton is. That exception is the one, almost impossible to find "About" page which simply states:

"Mark Hamilton is the Founder of the Neothink Clubhouses, Founder of the Twelve Visions Party, Co-Owner of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and author of several Neothink Society books."

There is one thing this About page leaves out about Mark Hamilton. If you do an Internet search for, "Mark Hamilton," you will only get links to Mark Hamilton pages, which do mention his books, though almost nothing about the author. It was not until I decided to have a look at some of his books that I discovered why it is so difficult to find out anything about Mark Hamilton. It's because Mark Hamilton is not his name.

From a review of the book: "The Nouveau Tech Package of Miss Annabelle's Secrets (The Nouveau Tech Discovery)"

"A bit of background information: Mark Hamilton's real name is Wallace Ward, Jr. Wallace Ward Sr.'s nom de plume was Frank R. Wallace, and he was the actual founder of Neo-Tech. Neo-Tech, calling itself a "secret society," advertises itself as being able to help ordinary people achieve greater wealth, happiness and prosperity if they purchase Neo-Tech books and read them cover-to-cover. The average price of each book is in the $100-$150 range."

The "About" page, mentioned above does, mention something called "neothink" twice, as, "Neothink Clubhouses," and, "Neothink Society," but nothing about "Neo-tech." What are these?

Poker, Objectivism, and Julian Jaynes

Neo-tech (or neotech) and Neothink are the inventions of Dr. Frank R. Wallace, whose real name was Wallace Ward.

"Wallace graduated from Colby College in 1954. In 1957 he earned his doctorate in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry from the State University of Iowa. He then worked for nine years as a research chemist for DuPont. He then turned to philosophy and started I & O Publishing in 1968 and served as president, publisher, and editor, writing books and articles under various pen names. Several of his early books (circa 1968-1983) concerned how to win at poker."

The most famous of his poker books is Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life by Using the Advanced Concepts of Poker, the most widely sold book on poker in history, and oddly, the origin of the concepts of Neo-tech.

[NOTE: The Poker book is still published and available, or you can download it for free, and here's a PDF version with lots of come-ons to Neo-tech.]

How does one get from winning at poker to the entirely new philosophy of Neotech? How that process actually took place may never be known, but the supposed process is very well documented in the Selected Portions from the Neo-Tech Discovery, the original by Frank R. Wallace, new for $160. According to Wallace's own documentation, Neotech was derived from a principle discovered as part of his research into poker in the form of a concept he calls, "Neocheating." Here is how it is described:

"Neocheating is the ultimate evolution of cheating. Neocheating is not based on sleight-of-hand or magician's skills as are many classical and traditional cheating techniques. Neocheating is a new, scientific kind of cheating -- an invisible, incredibly easy kind of cheating based on simplicity and low skill. Once a person understands Neocheating, he can use its techniques to quietly beat opponents, anytime -- anywhere on earth. But also, he can use that knowledge to defend against and defeat all cheating, including Neocheating."

Wallace then describes cheating as a "metaphor."

"What positive value can be found in card cheating? One magnificent value: Card cheating is a superb metaphor for identifying and classifying dishonest people:

He describes some dishonest people:

"The classical cheater is, for example, the elegant con-artist thief. He is also the respected technocrat who, for example, develops computer systems to help a value-destroying government bureaucracy cripple innocent value producers. Application of his skills (that took years to polish or develop) lets him extract a 'good' living. His dishonesty usually remains unseen and uncalled by those who surround him as he helps to cheat countless people out of their earned happiness and values.

"The Neocheater is, for example, the subtle executive thief who climbs to a high-paid corporate position by deceptive machinations rather than by productive efforts. He is also the religious leader who gleans respect and adulation by cleverly promoting self-sacrifice and altruism. And the ultimate Neocheaters are the politicians gracing the highest offices. They usurp sumptuous livings, enormous power, and huge ego trips by converting productive assets into nonproductive waste for the "public good" through the invisible manipulations of government force (e.g., forced redistribution of earned wealth away from value production and into the wealth-destroying graveyards of criminal-minded Neocheaters with their corrals of supporting parasites and dependents)." [Emphasis mine.]

[NOTE: The phrase, "cleverly promoting self-sacrifice and altruism," is a hint to Wallace's use of Ayn Rand's Objectivism in the development and promotion of his views.]

In the next section, "Controlling Mystics Through Their Bicameral Minds," though the first subsection is attributed to John Flint and Eric Savage, (John Flint is an alias of Frank Wallace and Eric Savage is an alias of Frank S. Ward, son of Wallace Ward), Wallace makes the connection between Julian Jaynes and the development of Neotech. He writes about Jaynes' book, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind will someday rank among the ten most important books ever written. ...Jayne' book signals the end of a 10,000-year reign of authoritarian institutions. His book also marks the beginning of a new era of individual consciousness during which people will increasingly act on the authority of their own brains. That movement toward self-responsibility will increasingly weaken the influences of external or mystical 'authorities' such as government and religion."

[NOTE: If interested, there is more about The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind from the Julian Jaynes Society]

In the fifth section, "The Neo-Tech Philosophy -- The Widest Integration," Wallace makes the connection between Ayn Rand's Objectivism and Neotech, but represents Neotech as an advance on Objectivism.

"The chart below also outlines the Objectivist philosophy -- the most widely integrated philosophy prior to Neo-Tech. But that philosophy had its integration corners cut off by both general and personal mysticisms to miss the final, limitless integrations captured by Neo-Tech:


Conscious Mode
Philosophical Mode
Integration Scope
Limiting Element

Very Wide

Aristotle, Rand
Infinitely Wide
The Five Branches of Philosophy
Never succinctly defined
Value Production
Free Competition
Value Reflection

Each of the five widely integrated branches of Objectivist Philosophy are subsumed within the five branches of the more widely integrated Neo-Tech Philosophy."


"First, what is Neo-Tech? It is fully integrated honesty." They call it honesty, I call it, "Neohonesty."

It is certainly a new kind of honesty that hides everyone's identity and everyone uses names, none of them their own. I first became aware of the name-games they play when I went looking for authors of some of their books, The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets, with the authors listed as, "Mark / Alexander, Tracy / Savage, Eric / Wallace, Frank R. Hamilton" (This is exactly as listed which is confusing in itself.) I could not find any of them, except Wallace and Hamilton—but I already knew their story.

Apparently they are all family, according to this 1966 Neo-Tech FAQ, under "The Ward Family." (Adapted.) (I've adjusted age estimates.):

  • Wallace Ward - creator of Neo-Tech. Writes under the name of Frank R. Wallace, Dr. Higgs Field, John Flint, and others. Deceased. See Note.

    [NOTE: On January 26, 2006 while Wallace was jogging in Henderson, Nevada, he was struck and killed by a car. He was 73 years old.]

  • Rosa Maria Meono - Wallace Ward's wife. Estimated age: 75. Her WEB page.

  • Ruth Ward - daughter of Wallace Ward by Helen Savage, (not Wallace's wife). Estimated age: 55.

  • Wallace H. Ward - son of Wallace Ward by Helen Savage, (not Wallace's wife). AKA Mark Hamilton. Formerly married to T.J. (Terry). Estimated age: 50.

  • Frank S. Ward - son of Wallace Ward by Helen Savage, (not Wallace's wife). AKA Eric Savage. AKA J. Hampton. Estimated age: 46.

  • Steve Rapella - adopted son of Wallace Ward. AKA John Alberts. Estimated Age: 55.

  • Gary Twichell - Wallace Ward's right hand man. Not related to the Ward family, Gary was recruited through the NT literature. AKA Drew Ellis AKA Kenneth Clark.

Many Taken In

Neo-tech is not Objectivism; it is not even a perversion of Objectivism. It is a totally baseless wild pseudo-philosophy that uses some of the language and concepts of Objectivism as perhaps the best example of it's own identified method of neocheating, other wise known as a swindle.

As a scam it is clever enough to fool a lot of people, and the Objectivism connection blinkers many of them. Luke Setzer readily admits and describes how Neo-tech deceived him in two articles: Summary of Neo-tech
and From Objectivism to Neo-Tech and Back

Carl Watner, who is the founder of the Voluntaryist, whose statement of purpose says, "Voluntaryists are advocates of non-political, non-violent strategies to achieve a free society," has never as far as I know publicly admitted any connection with Neo-tech, and I am sure has subsequently disassociated himself from it, but he at one time wrote for them. He wrote the article Businessmen versus Neocheaters on a Neo-Tech "Neothink Society" WEB Page entitled, "The Ultimate Leverage for Riches." The article is a hard sell for Neo-Tech.

The Neothink Society is a secret society, as you'll discover if you you simply access the home page, which just means you have to pay to belong and find out all the secrets. If you click on "Low Bandwidth" then click "Neothink Testimonials" you'll discover these pages belong to none other than Mark Hamilton, with whom we began.

A Presidential Candidate—Again

Mark Hamilton, son of Wallace Ward, AKA Dr. Frank R. Wallace, now the star of Neotech is running for president of the United States of America, as the Twelve Visions Party® candidate, of course.

Here are some of his videos promoting his party:

Twelve Visions Party is Real

See The Proof

Mark Hamilton Reveals a 3000-Year-Old Secret

Quite frankly, I have no idea who could possibly believe this character is a presidential candidate after watching his videos. I wouldn't trust him to teach a child how to tie his shoes. But he has run for president before, or at least said he was going to.

The following two videos are about his earlier "candidacies" and political parties. You do not nave to watch them. (Turn the sound of if you do. It's terrible.)

Following the video are screen clips I've captured to explain them.

What Happened To Mark Hamilton's Political Party?

Former Neo-Tech Employee Talks About Mark Hamilton

The first screen clip reads:

"In the 1990s, somebody who called himself "Mark Hamilton" said that he had started a new ;political ;party called The People's Party For Economic Prosperity.

"He also said he was going to run for President of the United States in 1996."

The next clip is shot of the book cover for The People's Party Manifesto: A Future of Wealth Belongs to You.

The las clip read:

"I was working at I&O when Mark first launched the 'Mark for President' campaign.

"Suffice it to say that when he originally launched the campaign it was my understanding anyway that the whole thing was intended as a "marketing" campaign, not a real political campaign.

"It was intended to sell books and nothing more."

Does It Really Make Money?

It is usually very difficult to discover how lucrative these scams are. Neo-tech is different however, because there is a very public window into the financial side of their operation.

"Wallace Ward (Dr. Frank R. Wallace) was convicted in connection with tax evasion on combined personal income of over $438,000 for years 1983, 1984, and 1985, and combined income of over $614,000 for his company (I&O Publishing) for those years, and he was sent to prison." (Over a million dollars in three years sounds like money to me.)

I'm not at all happy that Wallace Ward (or anyone else) should be prosecuted by the government for evading state extortion (called taxes), and only use the incident as evidence for the amount of money these scams are able to bilk out of the gullible.

How much he made before that, or how much has been made since is not known, but a million dollars every three years would probably be a low estimate.

Objectivism to de Bonoism

So-called Neo-tech is actually an eclectic hodge-podge of concepts from Objectivism, Jaynes' Bicameral Mind ideas, Libertarianism, and other assorted sources. One that I almost missed is NLP

NLP means, "Neuro Linguistic Programming," It slips into the Neo-tech/Neothink operation in several places, such as this Neothink Essence site, in the article, "Self-talk and NLP." Here's an example:

"When you hear the word Neurolinguistic Programming there may be a resistance that develops to the idea of using any neural technology to 'reprogram' your Self. However, you may think of NLP in this way: It is neural reconditioning we can apply, because of Brain Plasticity, or the ability Humans have that gives them the capability of rewiring our brain circuitry, when this will benefit us! I do speak of NLP only in the use of Language we use. Its use is much broader than this, if you care to look into it further."

There is no direct link between Edward de Bono and Neo-tech as far as I know, the connection is in the concepts they share, particularly the idea that thinking is in some way determined by the brain and by language. Neo-tech obviously embraces that view and it is a basic tenet in de Bono's theory that "our traditions of thinking are based on the logic of language," and, "the brain is a self-organising information system," which is, "an asymmetric patterning system," which patterns, along with language, determine how we think. Though not de Bono's terminology, his "lateral thinking" is identical to the neuro-linguistic programming idea of changing the patterns of the brain.

The connection between de Bono and neuro linguistic programming are widely recognized. For example they are used to reinforce each other as in this example from Out of the Box Thinking:

"Incidentally, the patterning model of the human mind developed by de Bono explains how many of these techniques work. In our 'Neuro Linguistic Programming for Business' Seminars and Workshops we teach a number of these techniques that are directly relevant to business.

"In our Innovation through Collaboration Seminars and Workshops participants also learn how to use the concepts from [de Bono's] 'The Six Thinking Hats®' book to greatly improve communication, team work and motivation."

In the book review, The Right Brain Manager, all three of the worst mind-bending ideas, the "bicameral mind," Neuro Linguistic Programming, and de Bono's abominations are amalgamated:

"The right side of the brain, however, works with large chunks of information in the form of patterns and visual images, leading to an ability to deal intuitively with complex issues. Planning is an activity in which the left brain predominates, ... whilst strategic thinking is much more a matter for the right brain.

"Alder has brought together ideas and methods from a number of areas, including lateral thinking (de Bono), memory and mind mapping (Buzan) and neuro-linguistic programming, in a way designed to be useful to a wide audience."

Reading suggestions for this course, "Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming," includes: de Bono, E (1999) Six Thinking Hats.

A last example is newhabits, "a leading training, coaching and consultancy team," it says. They feature: NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Six Thinking Hats® (de Bono), MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®), and TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument).

The Frederick Mann Connections

These scams all end up connected in some way, and it is impossible to know if those connections are intentional (sometimes they are) or just the inevitable result of working on the same general principles of deception.

I exposed another scam in my article Freedom and Gullibility. In that article I described the insidious Scam being put over in the name of individual freedom on a site called BuildFreedom.com, subtitled, "FREE WORLD ORDER."

The site is run by long-time con-artist Frederick Mann

The BuildFreedom site includes what is called the "Freedom Portal", which is nothing but links to what are supposed to be freedom-oriented sites on the Internet. Here are three of those links on those "Freedom Portal" pages:

'Consciousness In The Cosmos' - Perspective of Mind: Julian Jaynes. [The category is "Psychology & Personal Power -> Bicameral Mind (Julian Jaynes)."]

Neuro-Linguistic Programming. [The category is " Psychology & Personal Power -> Neuro-Linguistic Programming."]

Neo-Tech. [The category is "Freedom -> Neo-Tech."]

I have no idea if there is any other connection between Frederick Mann and Neo-Tech but they certainly share a lot of the same styles and content.


Successful scams, like Neo-tech are frequently copied by others. In the case of Neo-tech it is impossible to tell if some of the spin-off scams are really independent, or additional disguised variations of Neo-tech's own operation.

One example is The Local Group, as far as I know, the sole property of one David L. Hunter. I have no idea if the "Profile" provided at that link is genuine or not. In his, "Thank You Neo-Tech" he claims, "I have never met anyone from Neo-Tech Publishing nor have I ever talked with or seen any Neo-Tech author." but the remainder of the piece sounds an awful lot like an advertisement for Neo-tech.

On the other hand, in the same article, his list and discussion of 10 scams (compulsory literacy, college diploma, democracy, universal healthcare, altruism, socialism, central banking, environmentalism, religious faith, blame others) is quite good.

His "The Mind of a Winner" article has the following acknowledgements:

"The works of Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, and Nathaniel Branden had an extensive influence on this work." That pretty well demonstrates how little he knows about Objectivism.

Is it a scam? You bet. First the promises, there are always promises, like these:

  • See the future with increasing clarity for cascading powers
  • Complete your evolution quickly to command exotic riches and love
  • Escape earth's fatal paradigm to avoid ghastly aging and death
  • Discover a new paradigm to prosper greatly in every area of your life
  • Catapult yourself into opulent luxury and beauty—permanently
  • Protect yourself from predators no matter how vicious they seem
  • Experience profound emotional and sexual fulfillment
...and these:
  • Capturing Limitless Fulfillment
  • The Perfect Body
  • The End of Death and Taxes
  • The Perfect Diet
  • Creating a Window of Opportunity
  • Advanced Man
  • Eternal Youth for All
  • The Perfect Mind
  • Magnificent Life
  • Time for Freedom
  • Self-Protection
  • The Ideal Woman
  • The Immortality Instinct
  • The Temple of Knowledge
Then there is the price. There is always a price.

All this is yours, along with "Power, Wealth, Romance and Happiness," when you, "Subscribe to the Private Site for only $5.95 for the first month and then just $12.95 for each month thereafter. This will enable you to gain access to over 45 priceless Local Group items including online books, articles, letters, artwork, women and more." Yep. It says "women."

There are a lot of sites that seem like they've just been fooled by Neo-tech. Gravriel Shaw's site certainly seems like nothing more then a personal development, management, productivity, and investment consultation site. But if you follow the "Delve into the inner workings of your mind (super intelligence and total mind control)," you find the following links:

Frank R Wallace's Neo-Tech.
The Neo-Think Implant.
The (Neo-Think) Looking Glass.

At least part of this sight is a scam, if not all of it. Some of the information and services might be legitimate. He does offer a refund to anyone who is dissatisfied with anything he sells. There is a side of the refund thing that a lot of people do not think about which is the fact that many will be too embarrassed to get their money back when they know it was their own gullibility that made them waste their money. Perhaps he's counting on that.

What's Wrong With It All?

The basic thing that is wrong with all of these schemes is that they are all scams and swindles of one form or another, mostly successful, which points out an even worse fact—the extreme gullibility of most people.

There is a common theme to all the varieties of scams I've described in this article, one that is common to many other scams as well, which needs to be clearly identified. That theme has to do with the human mind and brain.

Whether it's de Bono's "lateral thinking," or Jaynes' Bicameral Mind, or "Neuro Linguistic Programming," they all equate the mind with the brain. There are three very bad mistakes in this confusion: 1. is the mistake of physicalism (which is essentially a denial of consciousness), 2. is the mistake of determinism (which is essentially a denial of volition—i.e. conscious choice), and 3. is the mistake of "structuralism," which in this case is confusing structure with function.

1. Physicalism is the view that the physical is all there is. It is a denial of the fact that the physical is what we are directly conscious of, and that the consciousness that perceives the physical cannot itself be physical. It is an attempt to attribute to the brain and neurological system consciousness, volition, thoughts, and knowledge&mdashthat is, the mind. (I've dealt with this issue at length elsewhere.)

2. Determinism is the view that all physical events are determined by the "laws" of physical nature, which means, if the mind is only the behavior of the brain, everything the brain/mind does is determined by the laws of physics, chemistry, and electricity. There can be no volition, there can be no consciously chosen thought, there can be no consciously chosen action.

3. Structuralism, as I am using it means confusing what consciousness does with what the physical neurological system does. Even for a physicalist, this mistake is unforgivable.

I do not know how a physicalist goes about getting around the obvious deterministic consequences of his physicalist view. I know there are wild conjectures about quantum mechanics and such, but they are just that, wild conjectures. If the physical laws can be violated by a physical mechanism, (which the brain is in the physicalist view), then what insures that physical mechanism will operate correctly? Couldn't it just do anything, without any discernible order?

In spite of their physicalism, all of these views are a mixture of determinism and "choice." Our minds, according them are "determined" in some way, by the influence of our culture and education, or our language, or the structure of the brain, but they all assure us, we can choose to change that determined functioning of the brain/mind by using their methods. It does not seem to occur to any of them, if how and what we think is determined by anything, how and what they think is determined in just same way? If our thinking is determined in some way, the belief that we have discovered a way around that determination is also determined and therefore a delusion. Were they blessed with some special gift that enabled them to escape their programming, a blessing of which the rest of us have been deprived?

An MRI Of A Computer

The physicalist must deny consciousness or relegate to some "behavior" of the brain. But whether in consciousness, or in some function of the brain, thinking and knowledge are totally independent from the structure of the brain except that the brain must be structured in such a way that it can support thinking.

The brain certainly does not work like a computer; it is not a digital machine; and however it does function it is much nearer an analog process than a digital one. By analogy the brain may be compared to a computer, however. In that analogy, thinking would be a program running on that computer.

So long as a computer can support a program, the structure of the computer is irrelevant to what the program does. A program that performs word processing, for example, can run on a "clocked" processor, or an asynchronous processor, which are structured, physically, very differently. A computer, (e.g. brain) cannot do word processing, (e.g. thinking), but a program (e.g consciousness) using the computer (brain) can do word processing (e.g. thinking).

It is impossible to learn anything about how a human being thinks by studying the structure of the brain, just as it would be impossible to study how a word processing program works by studying the structure of a computer.

Performing an MRI, or any other kind of scan of a brain's behavior can reveal nothing but the behavior of the brain, which is irrelevant to what an individual is conscious of or thinking. If it were possible to do an MRI of a computer while it was running a word processing program, the interface areas for the keyboard and mouse would light up as they were being used, various areas of the computer such as the memory, display interface, cpu, data buses, etc. would light up as they were activated, but absolutely nothing could be learned about the program itself or what it was actually doing.

The analogy is not perfect, because it can be known exactly what the relationship between the physical aspects of a computer are and any program that is running on it. If it were possible to detect the behavior of every bit at every point in a computer, another computer might be able to analyze what the computer was doing. What is absolutely true about the analogy is, in the human brain, if the behavior of every cell could be perfectly captured and analyzed, that analysis would never reveal what the conscious experience of the individual is. It is also true, that no computer does processing, only a program can use a computer to do processing, and no brain does thinking, only consciousness (however one understands it) can use the brain to do thinking.

The very bad confusion between brain behavior and thinking is the source of endless mistakes about the nature of the human mind, and a wonderful source of just the kind of confusion every kind of scam and swindle can take advantage of.

[More Mark Hamilton Phonyness—notice the content of these two "different" sites is identical: Twelve Visions Party®, and Twelve Visions World. The eighth posting on both of these pages is identical, except for formatting, to the first article on the Mark Hamilton page. The article is attributed to "Tom K — The Neothink® Society — Salt Lake City." The identical articles on the other pages are attributed to "Admin."]

[More Fakery—The Mark Hanmilton "blog," starts out with this post: "Patrick B, | Hello there! | Wow. It has been a steady growing period for me in this wonderful and meaningful society.| I have been giving what is presented here a lot of thought. ..." Archive for September, 2009