Milk—Another Controlled Substance

What do Cocaine, Marihuana, and Milk have in common? They are all controlled substances and if you sell them the government can put you in jail and confiscate your property.

That's exactly what happened to Mark Nolt, a Newville Pennsylvania farmer. His farm was raided by State Police, he was hauled off to jail, and $20 to $25,000 of his product and equipment were confiscated.

His crime? Milk peddling. Really!

Mr. Nolt is a Mennonite Farmer who produces and sells fresh milk (unprocessed) to customers who prefer it to the large-scale, never-know-what-you-are getting commercial product. But Mr. Nolt did not have the government's permission to sell his milk, so became a victim of the MEA (Milk Enforcement Agency) raid.

"Health" concerns are cited by government agencies that regulate milk, which is nothing but an excuse to control another area of human life. Since they allow what they call "raw" milk to be sold (so long as you have their permission) they aren't really concerned with any health risks.

In all actual studies, those who drink fresh unprocessed milk are healthier than those who drink the government approved stuff. At least they are not getting genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, or rBGH, which, except when otherwise stated, is in almost all other milk. The government does not allow labeling of milk indicating it contains rBGH. So much for health concerns.