New Hampshire Cures Global Warming

[Article Recovered from Hacked Autonomist]

The world's worries about global warming, or global cooling, or any other kind of global weather change people enjoy worrying about are over. New Hampshire lawmakers have solved the problem.

"A first-in-the-nation regional plan to curb climate change passed the House yesterday. It will move on to the Senate, where the stakeholders expect more fine-tuning of a bill that has taken more than two years to craft."

The article did not say whether this law, "to curb climate change," will only prevent climate change locally, just in New Hampshire say, or whether it will have global affect. Since these lawmakers have this power to determine the weather simply by passing a law, it would seem both selfish and provincial of them not to consider the welfare of the whole world.

While they are at it, there are some other things they could pass laws to cure, and though it might take a couple of years to work out, like this one, it would be worth it. They certainly ought to shoot for having the "first-in-the-nation" law curbing disease, and a "first-in-the-nation" law curbing unhappiness. The possibilities are endless.

Some lawmakers in other states have expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of these New Hampshire laws. In a personal interview with New Hampshire Congressman, Rep. E... H..., he assured me these kinds of laws have always been effective in New Hampshire. One of the earliest laws on their books, he claims, is a very short one, which reads, "Let there be light."