No, It's Not Normal

"Barack Obama, President of the United States of America," has committed the most despicable of abominations. As official U.S. policy, the month of June (2010) has been designated a month to "celebrate" lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender mental ailments as something to be proud of. I suspect the next proclamation will be the designation of a month to celebrate pica, self-cutting, BIID, and bulimia as things to be proud of.

Everyone of these things is a kind of psychological disorder. Only a very evil person could celebrate other people's afflictions. The particular afflictions Obama has chosen to celebrate are collected under the psychological non-cencept, "sexual-orientation."

There is no such thing as "sexual-orientation." There are two sexes, male and female. The fact that some people have a problem understand what sex they are, or what their normal human function is, as a being with that sex, is not an orientation of "sex," it is just mental confusion, a psychological disorder. All the words psychologists have made-up in an attempt to put over the lying concept of "sexual-orientation" are meant to obfuscate the abnormal nature of psychological disorders regarding sex.

Consider the word "homosexual" for example.

The word "sexual" means two different, but complimentary things that work, or fit, because of their differences, and the concept applies only to things with those differences, from plumbing to electronics to biology.

Sex means "different," homo means "same;" therefore "homosexual" means "same-different," an utter contradiction. What it really means is attempting to force things that are the same to act as though they were different, like attempting to force a male electrical plug to connect to another male electrical plug.

In an emergency, such as an occasion where two wires, both with male plugs, must be connected, they might be connected by taping the male connectors together. It might work, but it would not be normal. It is an attempt to accomplish what a properly sexed connection would accomplish by means of two connectors, one of which is the wrong sex--it is a non-sexual union.

When two males or two females attempted to derive the pleasure normally derived from a sexual union, it is not a "homosexual" union (because there is no such thing), but a non-sexual union, and that is not normal. The normal union for human beings is sexual, that is, between a male and a female.

Why Promote the Abnormal

Abnormal does not mean evil. While so-called "homosexuality" is regarded as evil by many, even a "sin" by Christians, considered only as an abnormality, which it is, does not make it evil, only a psychological problem. We do not regard those who cut themselves, or those who have eating disorders, like pica or bulimia, evil, we consider them afflicted, which is exactly how "homosexuality" ought to be considered.

Many however do not recognize that class of psychological anomalies collectively called, "alternate sexual orientations," as abnormalities. They are referred to as merely different, "life styles." Well they are different, "life styles," just as being obsessed with having an arm or leg amputated (BIID) is a different, "life style," but no sane person would call it normal.

It is wrong to regard, "sexual-orientation," disorders as evil, just as it would be wrong to regard someone afflicted with BIID as evil, but what is truly evil, is the attempt to obfuscate the very harmful nature of these psychological problems, or to promote them as normal. The ultimate evil is to actually celebrate these afflictions as something to be proud of.

When Abnormal Becomes Evil

It is mostly girls and young women who practice self-harm, such as cutting. Many wear long-sleeves to hide their scars, or even open wounds that would reveal their practice, or even disgust or revolt others if seen. The affliction is a very sad one, but one most young women grow out of, though the scars and damage they have caused themselves is permanent.

If there were a movement to "normalize" self-harm, if those who cut themselves began wearing clothing that openly revealed their scars and wounds, and they began demanding, "cutter's pride days," and forced employers to hire them, even though their appearance might adversely affect other employees, and they even forced schools to teach children that self-harm is just another life-style and perhaps ought to be experimented with, it would be considered evil.

That is exactly what the movement to normalize, "sexual-orientation," disorders has done. Obama is part of that movement which is an assault on everything that is right and decent. It is a terrible evil that has permeated every aspect of our society and culture. Here are a few of the more recent manifestations of that evil:

Transgender activists threaten Peabody restaurant with loss of license, legal sanctions, for turning away men in dresses. One man used official Mass. driver's license identifying him as female.

Transgender activists force NY chain of stores to capitulate to their demands, using NY "transgender rights" law.

[Note: The real name for so-called transgenders is Gender Identification Disorder (GID) and it is closely associated with BIID. In New York, some mental disorders have special rights.]

There are several appalling stories of what the "sexual-orientation," disorder normalization movement is doing to children in schools on this page: Horror stories in the schools, including: "VIDEOS of elementary schools normalizing homosexual lifestyle to young children!," ""King and King" - story book of homosexual romance read to second graders," "Elementary school teaching cross-dressing and transgenderism in 3rd grade," "Fistgate tapes - reveals what homosexual activists do with children in schools. Caution: VERY disturbing."

It Is Not A Religious or Political Issue

I know that most people are very confused about all aspects of the so-called "sexual-orientation," disorders. In the above I've simply stated that they are abnormalities without discussion of the nature of the abnormality, or how I know it is abnormal. I think most people think it is abnormal, but could not explain exactly why they think so. There are also questions about how one should view these disorders, and those afflicted with them.

I have written extensively about these things, and have had in-depth discussions and debates with "homosexuals" and others, and have even written a book documenting the attempted take-over of a certain philosophy by "homosexuals." Since very little rational objective information about the true nature of these disorders is available, I am in the process of compiling and condensing all the salient material from all that I've written on this subject in one article (which might be multi-part).

The other reason I am going to do this is because most of the material available that attempts an honest appraisal of this subject is religious in nature, that is, it comes from religious sources, and even though most of it is correct, it is based on their beliefs, not on objective reason. I also want to note that none of these things ought to be political issues. At one time, there were laws that made practices associated with these disorders, crimes, often with severe punishments associated with them. Today, the government actually promotes those same practices it once criminalized. Both are wrong, and as with all things humans do by their own choice and that is no threat to anyone else, it is none of the government's business to either condemn or promote them.