Regi Predicts (War With Iran?)

I usually avoid predictions. I'm firmly convinced no one can predict the future except when they are making it. All prophets are liars, especially so-called scientific and political prophets.

The few predictions I make are always the negative kind. They are not absolutely certain, but have more certainty than most predictions, because they are predictions that other predictions are wrong—and since they are almost always wrong, my predictions have a pretty good chance of being right.

My previous predictions covered here, here, here, and here, have mostly been that specific predictions of terrorist attacks would not transpire—none of them did.

War With Iran

The Neocon war machine has been pushing for "war with Iran" for a long time. Now come the predictions.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he, "sees a 'strong possibility' of an Israeli strike on Iran in either April, May or June ..."

There are also reports of a massive military buildup around Iran with as many as 100,000 troops by March. The source of that report is DEBKA, which is not always reliable, but more serious outlets are making the same kind of reports. The first report I linked makes the prediction more explicit:

"Still holding out hope that we won't go to war with Iran?

"There's already reason enough for the powers-to-be to invade Iran based on the accusations that they are in the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons. Whether true or not makes no difference, as we saw with weapons of mass destruction that have yet to be found in Iraq."

Will Israel attack Iran? Will the United States be involved. Will the US and Israel be in a war with Iran by spring?

The truth is, Iran is no threat to The United States. It's not even a threat to Israel. As the article suggested, however, that does not matter. All that matters is the fact that Israel and The United States have huge war industries producing planes, bombs, armaments and military equipment of every imaginable kind, and the current wars are winding down. The problem is that the war machine producing all the property-and-life-destroying equipment must be maintained at all costs. Israel and The United States need to keep that war machine going which means they need to keep at war with someone. Right now, Iran is the most likely target.

The one thing that makes it unlikely such a war is imminent are the increasing number of predictions that war is on the doorstep. It is certain some war will follow the wind down of Iraq and Afghanistan, and though it may be Iran eventually, it won't be this spring, and it won't be as anyone expects it. No one can make such predictions.

Predicting is made even more impossible by the fact that it is governments such predictions are about. All governments are run by morons, thugs, and liars; predicting what those mindless brutes will do is never possible.

I predict more war, because that's what governments do, but the war will never begin when or how any of the prognosticators predict. I also make this prediction—no country in the world is going to invade The United States and you are never going to be a victim of a terrorist attack (unless you are foolish enough to visit the Middle East).

[NOTE: (11/19/14) The last prediction was made over two years ago and has proven correct. Neverthelss, I now withdraw the prediction going forward for reasons I cannot presently divulge.]